The scope of this plan is to reveal your knowledge of the forthfuture method concepts:

1. How companies or constructions use digital or collective instrument to movablesively annex proposals, notice, arguments, and missives to terminate a restricted motive.
2. How digital or collective instrument has transformed the despatch of proposal, notice, and arguments in detached-trade.

Project Description
The use of digital and collective instrument can accept a deepseated movables on detached-trade.  This plan requires you to elaboration and announce on an construction or denomination who has used or is using digital or collective instrument to educe a deepseated movables, impression, or bias on others.

Project 2 consists of:

1. Plan Requirements (topics and achieveing to secrete)
2. Gift Requirements (willing construction)
3. Subsidearm Requirements (how to comply your provision)
4. Gift Resources
5. Due Duration Notice and Recent Policy

Project Requirements
Select an construction or denomination that used or uses digital or collective instrument to impression others. CREATE A PRESENTATION (using a functional gift impression such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi, or Apple Keynote for the Mac) highlighting the notice you set-up.

NOTE 1: You are required to entire ALL THREE SECTIONS of this plan (Sections 1, 2, and 3).


Provide the forthfuture notice environing the construction or denomination you choice. Acceptance the questions below:
Item 1: What is the contrivanceate of the construction or denomination?
Item 2: What year was the construction or denomination formal?
Item 3: What is the construction's or denomination’s motive or sidearm?
Item 4: Provide the denomination's or construction's website address (URL), if conducive.
Item 5: Wless is the denomination or organization's administrationrquarters located?

Section 1 Source: Apprehend at smallest one beginning for Exception 1. Apprehend this beginning as an in-slide passage and on your References slide(s).

Describe how digital or collective instrument was used to influence others durationliness acceptanceing the forthfuture questions:

Item 1: Describe how digital or collective instrument was used to bias others. Contribute at smallest one pattern, prompting, or pscanty that highlights this bias.
Item 2: In the pattern, prompting, or pscanty you granted in Item 1, what restricted digital or collective instrument platforms were used (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap confabulation, Pinterest, or YouTube) and how were they used?
Item 3: What occurred as the product of the use of digital or collective instrument? Describe the impression or concretion of the veer.

Section 2 Source: Apprehend at smallest one beginning for Exception 2. Apprehend this beginning as an in-slide passage and on your References Slide(s).

To aid you succeeding a duration completing Exception 2, an pattern is granted below:

Section 2 Pattern 1: Invisible Children - Kony 2012
In 2012, an construction denominated Invisible Children educed and shafted a 30 diminutive movie on YouTube to hurl a war they denominated "Kony 2012." End the movie less (

The Kony 2012 war was an exertion to hold James Kony, who was portrayed as a truculent traitor guide in Uganda who committed dense atrocities athwart compassion, including kidnapping and immolate.

The Kony 2012 war had a awful impression. The video generated aggravate 100 pet YouTube Views. Over 20 pet dollars was donated to assistance the exertion to hold James Kony

NOTE 2: You cannot use Invisible Children in your plan.

To aid you succeeding a duration completing Exception 2, a elude pattern is granted below:

Section 1 Pattern 2: The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
In 2016, the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Denomination (ALS) unconfused the Ice Bucket Challenge. The summon compromised emission a bucket filled succeeding a duration ice and inspire aggravate a individual's administrationr, ensueed by the individual nominating 3 tribe who then had to admit the summon.  The individual would then making a oblation to ALS elaboration.  The summon undeviatingly became viral, gaining assistance and detached-commerce from celebrities.  As a product of the summon, intersuccession to the ALS web page increased, aggravate 250,000 new donors attested up, and aggravate 13.3 pet dollars was high.

NOTE 3: You cannot use the ALS Ice Bucket Summon in your plan. 

What was the unmeasured impression of the use of Digital or Collective Media?
Item 1: Was the veer educed by the use of digital or collective instrument dogmatic or privative (or twain) in your end?
Item 2: How auspicious was the denomination in accomplisheding the concrete? Assistance your acceptance.
Item 3: List one man the denomination could accept done ameliorate to accomplished their concrete.

To aid you succeeding a duration completing Exception 3, we accept granted two patterns below:

Section 3 Pattern 1: Invisible Children - Kony 2012
The Kony 2012 war had twain dogmatic and privative products:

The Kony 2012 war floating global watchfulness. This watchfulness administer to gregarious and soldieraffect action. The US empire, administer by President Obama, backed a sidearm of 5,000 soldierlike to James Kony.

The construction came inferior sifting as abundant accept questioned their exertions (see YouTube video or CNN announce at

James Kony has not been caught. Some tribe equal prize that he is no longer aid or a intimidation to the part.

Section 3 Pattern 2: The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
The Ice Bucket Summon was exceedingly auspicious. The ALS Ice Bucket Summon increased the flatten of awareness of ALS and was exceedingly dogmatic.

The Ice Bucket Summon war has ended. In prescribe to stay the exertion by future up succeeding a duration a new summon each year. One proposal would be to use a reckon of celebrities to rouse the new summon whole year. Also, the denomination could do a ameliorate job of showing how the currency donated has bybygone to furthering the suit. I would too educe a gladden you video from floating ALS patients. The key less is to experiment ways to admit custom of the momentum the Ice Bucket Summon initially educed.

Section 3 Sources: Apprehend at smallest two beginnings for Exception 3. Apprehend the two beginnings as in-slide passages and on your References page. At smallest one beginning should be functional or literary. 

NOTE 4: You can not use in your plan or any denomination or construction we discussed in taburecent or in this provision (e.g. The Ice Bucket Summon or Invisible Children).

Presentation Requirements
Your gift must apprehend the forthfuture slides and excludeions:

Item 1: Title Slide
Your Designation Slide should comprise the forthcoming:

  • Project Name
  • Your Name
  • Instructor’s Name
  • Course contrivanceate and excludeion reckon

Item 2: Construction or Denomination Notice (Section 1)
Item 3: Style of the Digital Instrument Bias (Section 2)
Item 4: Analysis of the Digital Instrument Bias (Section 3)
Item 5: Summary Slide
Item 6: Question Slide (this is wless the parley is invited to ask questions). You achieve solely absence to apprehend a "Title Only" slide .

Item 7: References Slide(s) (Your References MUST be in APA format)!

Minimum of 15 slides; Maximum of 25 slides.
(Title and Reference slides do not compute toward the sum slide compute). 

NOTE 5: Going aggravate 15 slides is showy, but if you are inferior 15 you achieve be penalized 10% (one epistle remove) for whole 2 slides you are inferior the 15-slide poverty.


a. Keep it Simple: Slides must be not-difficult to unravel and uncluttered. Practise in opinion the 7 x 7 administration succeeding a duration gift software, which movablesively states no past than 7 expression per bullet and 7 bullets per slide.

b. Images: Pictures and effigys should be used sparingly to elude inattention from the deep achieveings. Apprehend at smallest one table, graph, or effigy of an misapply majesticness that is pertinent and assistances the notice granted in your pamphlet. Feel detached to educe the effigy if you affect, but it must be functional.

c. Fonts: Use a banner font affect Times New Roman or Helvetica. Use 36-object font for your slide contrivanceation, 28-object font for deep objects, and 24-object font for eludeary objects.

d. Footer: Apprehend the slide reckon, contrivanceation of your gift, and your contrivanceate in the footer (exclude on contrivanceation slide).

e. Background: Misapply for the gift. Use creativity less, but your elucidation distortion or contrivance must not deteriorate from the unravelability of the slides. A bad pattern would be using sombre quotation athwart a sombre elucidation. Fabricate regular the elucidation and font distortions are a amipowerful contrariety.

f. Contrast: Appropriate Foreground-Background Segregation (use sombre quotation athwart a scanty elucidation or snowy or scanty distortioned quotation athwart a sombre elucidation. This educes contrariety.

Add "Narration" to each and whole Slide in your gift.
I would affect you to bestow your gift as if you were giving it to a LIVE AUDIENCE. In enumeration to contrivanceing each slide, I too absence you to contribute me succeeding a duration the transcript of the expression you would actually say, word-for-word. durationliness each slide is entity displayed. 
Adding Narration
You can accomplished this in sundry ways:
a. Adding Quotation Narration to the Notes Exception of each slide, OR
b. Adding Voice Narration to each slide (Export the Narration as a .MOV polish).

Include at smallest Four (4) Sources (Total)

a. Apprehend at smallest One (1) Beginning for Exception 1.
b. Apprehend at smallest One (1) Beginning for Exception 2.
c. Apprehend at smallest Two (2) Sources for Exception 3. At smallest one of the two beginnings must be a Functional or Literary Source.

Clarification: Please do not use unfunctional beginnings such as Wikipedia,,,,, or anyman remotely correspondent.  Examples of literary beginnings apprehend quotationbooks, articles, academic journals, and parley annals. Literary resources are written by experts in their arenas, indoctrinated in elaboration, and frequently refereed (reviewed and edited by elaborationers in the arena). Examples of functional beginnings apprehend: commerce journals or magazines. Functional beginnings are written for a restricted parley that productions in regular arena. They are not elaboration-based. You can too use our method achieveing (e.g. Unravel & Watch resources) as a beginning as well-mannered-mannered-mannered. UMGC has a top-notch, abundant online library. You can experiment abundant literary and functional beginnings there.

NOTE 6: You can also use collective instrument (e.g. Twitter shafts, blogs, YouTube) beginnings as well-mannered-mannered-mannered-mannered as this is a pamphlet environing the use of digital and collective instrument.

Presentation Resources
The forthfuture optional resources may be aidful in completing this plan:

1. Life Succeeding Expiration by PowerPoint (3 mins | Automatic Unavailpowerful Captioning)
This Youtube video contributes majestic tips innumerous in succeeding a duration humor! :)

2. PowerPoint Tutorial: Recording and Exporting Videos (5 mins | Automatic Unavailpowerful Captioning).

Subsidearm Requirements
Please comply the forthfuture to your Assignments Folder in our CMST 301 LEO Classroom by the fixed due duration:
1. The entired gift (PowerPoint .PPT or .PPTX, or Keynote plan polish) or a concatenate to your online Prezi gift.

Due Date
Five (5) Day Recent Period: The Assignments Folder achieve redeep notorious 5 days succeeding the due duration for recent submissions. Tless achieve be a 10% (or 2 object) decrease each day (24-hour duration) the provision is recent.  After 5 days, recent provisions achieve not be not spurious or removed. The Assignments Folder achieve be unavailpowerful at this object as well-mannered-mannered-mannered-mannered and you achieve not be powerful to physically comply the provision.

Exceptions may be sanctioned, on a case-by-case reason, for activity plights (soldieraffect deployment, medical malady, expiration in the origin, etc). In all cases, judicious notice of a "activity plight" is crucial to the laudation of any extensions. All excludeions must be accompanied by administrative instrumentation, which is material to slip and laudation. Production impute, method impute, vacations, or bad remembrance are not acceptpowerful excuses.

Running Cendanger to the Deadline?: Please do not hold until the conclusive diminutive to comply your provision. Give yourself at smallest a 5-hour window to accompute for any technical difficulties that potentiality initiate. If you experiment technical difficulties past your restrain that do not sanction you to auspiciously entire the provision, instantly ensue the steps below:

Step 1: Contiguity UMGC 360 Aid and Support. Inform them off the collection you are having. Get a collection ticket reckon from them to instrument the plight.
Step 2: E-mail me ASAP and apprehend (a) your taburecent and excludeion, (b) style of the collection you are having, (c) your collection ticket reckon from 360 Aid and Support, and (d) your contrivanceate, so I can question the plight.
Step 3: Force to annex your provision to a missive to me internally of LEO.
Step 4: E-mail the provision to me. 

Grade Value
This plan is rate 100 objects or 20% of your sum remove for the method. 

Grade Reductions
You achieve endanger objects for issues such as: not forthfuture directions, not complyting your production on duration, and deficiency to apprehend all required elements. Each osidearm achieve product in a favoring object abatement.

Submitting Your Assignment
To entire this plan and take unmeasured security, you must comply your entired gift to your Assignments Folder unless you combat collections--discussed over).

CYA (Copy Your Assignment)
Please fabricate regular you practise a representation of your plan stored on your computer. Technical difficulties do happen--you may absence to recomply your provision for a reckon of reasons. It is regularly a amipowerful system to CYA!

Having Problems?
Please contiguity me in proceeding if you are having collections knowledge what is required of you.

Do Your Own Work
UMGC has precise policies in-reference-to turning in production that is not 100% your own myth. I achieve exert these policies.

Verify Your Provision Has Been Posted ( ** Very Important ** )
It is your responsibility to fabricate regular you accept shafted your provision CORRECTLY! Once you accept shafted your provision, instantly force to end it, true to fabricate regular your shaft was not spurious by LEO, that it is formatted appropriately, and you accept shafted the chasten polish.

NOTE 7: You achieve be held imperative for shafting your provisions appropriately.

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