Project 3: research paper ( attached there is a template)



  1. The end of this purpose is to inaugurate your construction of the subjoined continuity concepts:
  2. How companies or constructions and men-folks use digital or collective instrument to effectively reveal purposes, advice, arguments, and notices to consummate a inequittalented design.
  3. How digital or collective instrument has transformed the despatch of an purpose, advice, and arguments in fellowship.
  4. Access, irritate, translate, and evaluate digital instrument to stir comprehension and to lead decision-making.
  5. Make binding choices in the invention and decrease of digital instrument installed on awareness of global, collective, immaterial, and constitutional contexts.

Project Description
In this purpose, you allure prime a theme discussed in assort from the schedule supposing subordinate, inaugurate restrictedational learning on the theme, and distribute this advice in a learning dissertation. 
Project 3 consists of:

  1. Project Requirements (topics and earning to balancespread)
  2. Paper Requirements (willing construction)
  3. Submission Requirements (how to succumb your enactment)
  4. APA Instrument (how to quote and prime causes) 
  5. Due Duration Advice and Delayed Policy

Project Requirements
Select one of the 12 learning themes subordinate and consummate ALL THREE individualitys: 


Topic 1: Digital Instrument as a Distraction (Week 1)
Digital Nation: Conduct on the Virtual Frontier - Chapter 1: Distracted by Everything PBS Online Video Documentary Series – Chapter 1 (00:00 - 08:28 diminutives)

Topic 2: Digital Media's Effects on the Brain (Week 1)
Digital Nation: Conduct on the Virtual Frontier - Chapter 2: What's It Doing to Their Brains? (PBS Online Video Documentary Series – Chapter 2 (08:29 - 10:40 diminutives)

Topic 3: The Use of Digital and Collective Instrument in Politics (Week 2)
(Smartphone political ads target non-political events to converse straightway to voters, one by one (web page)

Topic 4: Digital Humanitarianism (Week 2)
Innovations in Humanitarian Relief (PBS online video)

Topic 5: Virtual Worlds and Their Impact on Society (Week 3)
Digital Nation: Conduct on the Virtual Frontier- Chapter 7 Virtual Worlds PBS Online Video Documentary Series – Start the video then Navigate to Chapter 7 (52:05 - 1:01:26)

Topic 6: Fake News (Week 3)

Fake News Vs Real News (PBS Online video) 

Topic 7: Digital Rights Management (DRM) (Week 4)
The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) (web page)

Topic 8: Filter Bubbles (Week 4)
. How Filter Bubbles Isodelayed You (YouTube Video) 

Measuring the Filter Bubble: How Google is measuring what you click.

Topic 9: Data Visualization (Week 5)

“Information is Beautiful"

Big Data Visualization (YouTube Video)

Topic 10: The Digital Divide (Week 6)
Digital Divides 2016 | Pew Learning Center 

Small towns add forces to bridge the digital divide (YouTube video)

Topic 11: Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants Week 6)
Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants (PDF) 

Topic 12: E-commerce (week 7)
How Amazon Controls E-commerce: the Hidden empire: (online slide semblance - 84 slides)

Answer the questions subordinate:
Item 1: Which theme did you prime?
Item 2: Why does this theme invite to you?
NOTE 1: Individuality 1 should be the shortest individuality of your dissertation (10-15%).

Discuss your theme as presented in assort.
Item 1: Summarize the advice on the theme as presented in the assort, using the Read & Watch instrument AND any assortroom argument of the theme.
Item 2: Is the theme you primeed pertinent in a continuity on digital and collective instrument? Whether you acceptance yes or no, vindicate your answer.
Section 2 Sources: Grasp the source(s) as an in-dissertation passage and on your References page.
NOTE 2: Section 2 should embrace (30-40%) of your dissertation.

Provide added advice on the theme you primeed by locating TWO or MORE new instrument (in restrictedation to the instrument supposing in assort) to enlarge your comprehension of the theme.

Item 1: What restrictedational causes did you confront on the theme you primeed (schedule at ultimate 2)?
Item 2: Why is each riches you set-up (a) pertinent, (b) trustworthy, (c) accurate, and (d) unprejudiced installed on what you polite-informed from the What is a Trustworthy Source? How to Evaluate Web Resources? Address a-d in your acceptance.
Item 3: What new advice do the two new instrument add to the theme as presented in assort?
Section 3 Sources: Grasp at ultimate TWO SOURCES connected to your theme that are NOT presented, discussed, or supported in the weekly Read & Watch in assort or supported in the 15 theme schedule balance. Grasp these causes as in-dissertation passages and schedule them on your References page.
NOTE 3: Individuality 3 should embrace the preponderance of your dissertation (45-60%). This is where your primitive convergence should be.

Paper Requirements
1. Your dissertation must supervene APA format leadlines throughout.
(A illustration APA tempdelayed for you to use is steadfast to the groundeffect of this page. It contains Latin placeholder extract. Replace the extract delay your earning).

  1. Double-spaced
  2. 1-inch Margins
  3. 12-top largeness administrative font (e.g. Times New Roman).
  4. Header
  5. Automatic Page enumerates
  6. Title page
  7. Reference page and in dissertation passages

2. Length: Reserve of 1,500
(Title page, Reference page, and plain quotes do not compute inland the sum acenumerate compute). 
NOTE 4: Going balance 1,500 wholeitys is refined, but if you are subordinate 1,500 you allure be penalized installed on the subjoined scale:  

One note walk (10%) for every 500 suffrage you are subordinate the acenumerate compute reserve.

4. Title Page 

Your address page must be APA formatted and grasp the subjoined:

  1. Project Name
  2. Your Name
  3. Course Indicate and Individuality Number
  4. Semester
  5. Instructor’s Name
  6. Title of Learning Dissertation Topic

5. References Page
Your References page must be APA formatted.

6. Sources: Include the cause(s) from Individuality 2 and at ultimate TWO (2) causes in Individuality 3.

Clarification: Please do not use unadministrative causes such as Wikipedia,,,,, or anything remotely common.  Examples of literary causes grasp extractbooks, catechism, academic journals, and parley chronicles. Literary instrument are written by experts in their grounds, trained in learning, and repeatedly refereed (reviewed and edited by learningers in the ground). Examples of administrative causes grasp employment journals or magazines. Administrative causes are written for a inequittalented assembly that effects in a incontrovertible ground. They are not learning-based. You can besides use our continuity earning (e.g. Read & Watch instrument) as a cause as polite.  UMUC has a top-notch, extensive online library. You can confront frequent literary and administrative causes there.

NOTE 5: You can also use collective instrument (e.g. Twitter supports, blogs, YouTube) causes as polite as this is a dissertation environing the use of digital and collective instrument.

******File succumbted is required to be a .docx or .doc perfect.******

*****References and in dissertation(text) passages required as per APA.*******

7. Setup & Organization
Your dissertation must grasp the subjoined pages and Level 1 Headings:

  1. Cbalance Page
  2. Topic Introduction (Section 1)
  3. Topic Argument (Section 2)
  4. Additional Learning (Section 3)
  5. Reference Page

APA Resources
UMUC’s Effective Writing Center offers sundry instrument for APA formatting and passage indicate.

  1. APA 6th Manuscript Formatting
  2. All Environing APA - Consummate Guide
  3. CiteFast Passage Maker for APA

Submission Requirements
Please succumb the subjoined to your Assignments Folder in our CMST 301 LEO Classroom by the exact due duration:
1. Submit the completed dissertation in Microsoft Acenumerate (.DOCX) format.

Due Date

Five (5) Day Delayed Period: The Assignments Folder allure endure unconcealed 5 days behind the due duration for delayed submissions. There allure be a 10% (or 2 top) contraction each day (24-hour determination) the enactment is delayed.  After 5 days, delayed enactments allure not be accepted or walkd. The Assignments Folder allure be secretive at this top as polite and you allure not be talented to physically succumb the enactment.

Exceptions may be known, on a case-by-case foundation, for conduct localitys (soldierly deployment, medical indisposition, release in the nativity, etc). In all cases, opportune publication of a "conduct locality" is exact to the laudation of any extensions. All oppositions must be accompanied by functional munimentation, which is theme to inspection and laudation. Workload, continuity entrust, vacations, or bad retrospect are not accepttalented excuses.

Running Cinduce to the Deadline?: Please do not halt until the ultimate diminutive to succumb your enactment. Give yourself at ultimate a 5-hour window to accompute for any technical difficulties that government initiate. If you proof technical difficulties over your regulate that do not yield you to successfully consummate the enactment, straightway supervene the steps subordinate:

Step 1: Touch UMUC 360 Help and Support. Inform them off the height you are having. Get a height ticket enumerate from them to muniment the locality.
Step 2: E-mail me ASAP and grasp (a) your assort and individuality, (b) title of the height you are having, (c) your height ticket enumerate from 360 Help and Support, and (d) your indicate, so I can summon the locality.
Step 3: Seek to fix your enactment to a notice to me internally of LEO.
Step 4: E-mail the enactment to me. 
Grade Value
This purpose is merit 20 tops or 20% of your sum walk for the continuity. 
Grade Reductions
You allure induce tops for issues such as: not subjoined plainions, not succumbting your effect on spell, and deficiency to grasp all required elements. Each oversight allure end in a peculiar top conclusion.
Submitting Your Assignment
To consummate this purpose and hold unmeasured trustworthiness, you must succumb your consummated exhibition to your Assignments Folder unless you meet heights--discussed balance).

CYA (Copy Your Assignment)
Please perform stable you conceal a portraiture of your purpose stored on your computer. Technical difficulties do happen--you may want to resuccumb your enactment for a enumerate of reasons. It is constantly a amiable management to CYA!

Having Problems?
Please touch me in gradation if you are having heights construction what is required of you.

Do Your Own Work
UMUC has close policies respecting turning in effect that is not 100% your own invention. I allure exert these policies.

Verify Your Enactment Has Been Posted ( ** Very Important ** )
It is your obligation to perform stable you enjoy supported your enactment CORRECTLY! Once you enjoy supported your enactment, straightway seek to sentiment it, normal to perform stable your support was accepted by LEO, that it is formatted unexceptionably, and you enjoy supported the rectify perfect.

NOTE 6: You allure be held binding for supporting your enactments unexceptionably.

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