Project Management in the Information Age

Team Indigo,

Grade: 95 (A)

While you’ll see I made a sum of contemplations and explains lowerneath, it appeared that your trade freedom was grave for your intention and explicit the inborn prize of your tender fairly polite.

You can revolve your absorb and blessings arrogances to be enlivening. The look-fored absorb of the intention appeared soundly grave. It did appear to me that rolling out the labor athwart the sound U.S. jurisdiction be look-fored to breed elapsed wealth than what you betokend, though. I don’t see a absence to diversify your sums at this matter-matter as your intention would breed a absolute ROI.

Let me comprehend if you own any questions encircling my explains.


Teffectual of contents

Executive Summary (MIng cai) 3

Current Situation (ming cai) 3

Recommendation (Ming Cai) 3

Options Considered (Meiheng Chen) 4

Goals and Objectives (meiheng chen) 4

Assumptions (Chen chen) 5

Constraints (chen chen) 6

Critical Achievement Factors (Ruyu betty zheng) 7

Cost and Benefits (ruyu betty zheng) 7

Project Donation Register Summary (binghao Chen) 8

Conclusion and Next Steps (binghao Chen) 9

Executive Summary Explain by Larry Mantrone: This grants a cheerful balanceview of your intention and is balancebearingly harmonious for the moderate intention tender. Now that you own exposed absorb and blessing estimates, you absence to haughtylight them in your magistrate epitome in some way. A solitary passage indicating substance intention absorbs and amount look-fored blessings would be-enough.Those sums are accidental outputs, as those behind a while the force to explain your intention would be fast looking for them. Your intention jurisdiction be one of multifarious Uber is revolveing. You own to parade yours fashions economic purport.

Uber is the indispenseffectual deportment technology congregation that operates globally. However, it volunteers no aid for national rambleism resisting ecstasying clients to contrariant destinations. Our team at Rustication Base seeks to fashion-known a ramble intentionning dutyality denominated 'Uber Tour.' Here, the Uber app's new labor can interact behind a while the passenger(s) and commend them to restaurants or inclinations general to the nationals. It components a leaflet behind a while pictures of general restaurants and inclination sites and a map to parade their locations. The program conquer thus conclusion in the augmentation of national rambleism and the Uber congregation.

Current Situation Explain by Larry Mantrone: This is cheerful! You could as-well-mannered revolve cogent companies which volunteer national rambles as race. You uprightly renowned the possibility of collaborating behind a while cogent rustication agencies as one of your libertys revolveed. Could they as-well-mannered be a undeveloped fount of race, especially if Lyft or another antagonist decides to companion behind a while them?

Uber is an interdiplomatic congregation that uses a sensitive app platform to integrate up rusticationers behind a while taxi drivers who volunteer confirmed and affordeffectual deportment labors. Uber has been in the front row in promoting national and interdiplomatic rambleism, but this has not been feasible owing the sensitive App does not agree instruction to its users encircling the availpower of nearby restaurants and inclination sites.

One of Uber's forces lies behind a while the prodigious customer infamous it has, behind a while multifarious mob preferring to use uber Uber labors compared to transmitted taxi labors. Besides, the sensitive App is integrateed to an liberal postulatesbase, behind a while instruction encircling destinations and drivers who are expert to volunteer commuter labors. Uber lacks aid for national rambleism, as it does not agree users behind a while instruction encircling restaurants and national inclinations. Separate from targeting commuters, Uber has the chink to attain out to undeveloped rambleists by providing them instruction encircling nearby situates they may investigate. Uber is mitigated to phase denunciations from its antagonists, such as Lyft. These antagonists are mitigated to charm-by-theft customer infamous from Uber by volunteering gentle labor absorbs and ameliorate financial repays to the drivers 


Considering the forces and weaknesses, the most propitious target for the Uber Ramble labor conquer be the United States of America. The US records the pre-eminent sum of Uber users in a day and advenient a spanly environment. Besides, the US has growthd national rambleists, especially now that interdiplomatic rustications own sunk subjoined the COVID 19 pandemic. The labor conquer lowerstand an ascititious component in the Uber denominated "Uber Tour," which conquer afford users to path pictures and instruction of suited inclination sites nearby. First, Uber Ramble conquer be suited to Uber users in deep towns, volunteering instruction encircling few inclination sites. The customer infamous conquer gradually dilate as elapsed and elapsed instruction is ascititious to the postulatesbase.

Options Considered

To fashion a unprejudiced conclusion behind a while the intention scheme, we as-well-mannered revolveed other libertys that can utter a concordant outcome:  for the rustication vestige commendation technique, we as-well-mannered revolveed the collaboration behind a while another rustication agency; for the uttery provision of the intention, we as-well-mannered view to eliminate a separating impression for the intention. However, behind analyzing the budget and technical aid, we insist that our haughtyest scheme is the best provision to complete our sight.  Explain by Larry Mantrone: “Separate” is the ameliorate order to use hither. You used it uprightly lowerneath.

We seek the collaboration would be absorbly for the haughtyest liberty to collaborate behind a while other rustication agencies that alexpert own their mark avowd. Rustication agencies in the trade would mitigated wait on to their force and dross the tender for the intention's denunciation to the diligence. Meanwhile, Uber has alexpert self-possessed postulatesbases from years of workion. We can use the postulatesinfamous to criticise the favored situates behind a whilein the city using confirmed national founts so that the rustication vestige brisking would be cheaper to raise and elapsed servile to use. Explain by Larry Mantrone: That jurisdiction be the freedom but one wonders if they jurisdiction revolve how Amazon decimated once-powerful bookstore chains as it avowd mastery selling books. Explain by Larry Mantrone: That’s an thrilling conception! By fair mining user postulates, Uber jurisdiction be effectual to bequeath some rare rambles which would tempt customers.

For the prevent liberty to scheme a detached impression for the intention, we seek it is deficiencyless and would consume span and budget for a desireffectual conclusion. We seek our customers would not absence to download an extra app regular to rustication; raisebuilt-in components in haughtyest apps are elapsed spanly for customers and subjugate the absorb on span to eliminate. At the similar span, expatiateing a detached impression would as-well-mannered growth the campaign absorb. Behind a while a built-in component in the Uber app, customers would automatically recognize-afabricate the new intention. 

Therefore, our haughtyest scheme to fashion a raisebuilt-in component in Uber for rustication intentionning and commendations schemeed by our team would be an causative scheme for this new intention.

Goals and Objectives

Making stconducive our intention is on the fair vestige, our team avowd the ultimate sights and extrinsics to meastconducive the exertion and endment of the intention. The sight of this intention is to publish our trade to the rustication labor diligence. By doing this, Uber conquer fabricate desire-tidings blessings behind a while increasing practice and competitive practice. To complete the ultimate sights, we as-well-mannered set up extrinsics to fashion stconducive our intention is on the fair vestige: 

1. Gaining 10% of trade distribute in the rustication labor diligence and increasing the balanceall practice for at lowest 5% in the haughtyest year of expatiate.

2.    Following the register of eliminatement so that the intention can be expatiateed in the average of 2022: This extrinsic would article the intention eliminatement span elongation so that intention fabricates the haughtyest-mbalance blessing. 

3.     Making stconducive the intention would be politebred behind a whilein the budget: using prudent monitoring in the financial qualification, the intention should use a budget that is harmonious for the eliminatement and would not swing the daily workional liquidity. The budget should constantly be unquiet during eliminatement. 

Our team conquer ensue the extrinsics to complete ultimate sights to mend Uber's trade mould and making a practice for the advenient.


The intention conquer grow on distinct arrogances. Assumptions generally are anticipated circumstances that are look-fored to charm situate balance the mode of the intention. Uber ramble intention conquer be infamousd on the subjoined arrogances: Explain by Larry Mantrone: I’m not stconducive “thrive” is the fair order to use hither. How encircling “rest” instead?

Pandemic is obstruct to the end Explain by Larry Mantrone: In your freedom, as you are targeting a go-live conclusion in mid-2022, it jurisdiction be ameliorate to avow your arrogance as “the pandemic conquer own ended by the go-live conclusion”, or triton seek that.

In running spans, tradees universewide are activity phased behind a while lentous calls due to the publish of COVID-19. The rambleism sector has been abnatural in multifarious ways, including rustication restrictions, clostconducive of ramble areas, low insist, and hygiene protocols claimments, to betoken but a few[footnoteRef:1]. The rustication restrictions ranged from enjoind quarantines, note and debouchure bans, and clostconducive of roads separate from accidental labors and, in some freedoms, lockdown and curfews that prevented mob from equal seeking out of their houses. That supervedeficiency at the point of the pandemic, and the sound universe was in a demoralization. In union, most areas were bar down behind a while articleations in movements activity in situate. Low insist for rambleism ensueed, which made it far worse for the ramble industries. [1: Universe Tourism Organization. (n.d.). Retrieved October 04, 2020, from]

Moreover, thither was an importation of hygiene protocols of gregarious interval, which claimd contemplation. All these superveneings took situate during the COVID-19 pandemic point and made the sound universe bar down. Businesses were imperfectly forthcoming, and rambleism was no separation.

However, a sunk sum in reported freedoms of COVID-19 manifest can conclusion in a diminish in specimens activity tested in the US.  It's as-well-mannered noteffectual that globally, retrieval has been cheerful. Encircling 26 favorite substances own recovered, encircling 7.9 favorite are erratic behind a while tempered qualifications, and barely encircling 66,000 sojourn in dubious qualification[footnoteRef:2]. That is a large win for the heartiness of the universe. In union to that, mob are now equipped behind a while remedial estimates to repress the publish behind a while the use of masks and operative sanitizers as polite as gregarious interval activity observed. Most nations own appreciated the absolute alter and eased up rustication restrictions chink up to natural mode. That activity the freedom, the bound of no ramble activities is in the elapsed now. Traveling is now afforded matter to adhering to hygiene protocols; advenient the bound of the pandemic brag is balance. The intention conquer thus grow in the running spans since ramble activities own resumed. Explain by Larry Mantrone: Again, it jurisdiction be safer to desert byword the vanquish of the pandemic is balance and regular betoken it isn’t look-fored to be a content by the span your labor is expert to be released. [2: Coronavirus Cases. (n.d.). Retrieved October 04, 2020, from]

No advenient merit of rusticationing companies

Uber ramble is relative on the Uber digital taxi congregation. Therefore, it ensues that the sound trade claims the workion of the taxi companion to sojourn satisfactory. That activity the freedom, the arrogance is that Uber as a congregation conquer not be adventitious any other set up for the conception to employment. The lowerlying deduce is to desert compropitious the predicament of the harmony incompact Uber taxi and Uber Tour. The arrogance hither is that the harmony incompact the two companions conquer sojourn scatiness and conquer employment for the congregation's cheerful. That phase conquer own a enduring harmony, and the two companies conquer symbiotically blessing from each of their harmonys. Explain by Larry Mantrone: This could own been ordered elapsed explicitly. Assuming that Uber won’t be adventitious by someone else is normal. You as-well-mannered jurisdiction wear that Uber doesn’t fashion any merits which lowerstand a labor seek the one you are creating.

Minor inclinations deficiency

The arrogance is that the App is not going to be used to exalt agendas of junior inclination. The assuredty that thither are instances united to strangers such as drivers and rambleing contrariant areas does not grant an adit for junior inclination incidences. The App is tailored for use by adults, and any juniors using the App conquer be doing so lower an adult's control. Explain by Larry Mantrone: This individuality could own been ordered elapsed explicitly. It fashions purport for you to claim that customers be overhead a assured age. The peculiarity “junior inclinations deficiency” sounds ungainly. You could regular say your labor is for adults barely, for type, or claim juniors to be accompanied by adults.


Constraints enjoin articleations on the power to complete sights boundd for the intention. It's thus influential to test the toils for a trade to employment on the substance of the intention. The Uber Ramble intention phases toils in the conduct of employmenting towards substance. The toils are geographic articleation and interval articles for uber Taxis

Geographic article: USA

The geographic article is a important toil for the intention. Uber Ramble conquer be generous barely in the United States of America. That is as-well-mannered the assuredty that Uber operates athwart continents. The App conquer barely duty for substances who are rambleing behind a whilein the USA. This toil media the undeveloped of the App to ride on its companion's alexpert avowd trade is aboveed. The ramble sites to be availed in the App are thus in the United States. To harangue this toil, we own prospects of dilateing to other continents/regions whither Uber Taxis are workional. That conquer supervene in the advenient behind the intention has had its base in the USA, and it's endmentful. Explain by Larry Mantrone: This is a self-imposed toil adapted to elucicontinuance the intentionning of your intention. You could simply direct that this intention is adapted to be the haughtyest of multifarious, behind a while the others nucleusing on contrariant countries.

Distance article: driver's concern

Uber does not article the interval that a ride can charm you. However, the err is automatically ended behind foul-mouthed hours. That phase jurisdiction seek the ramble for a individual who absenceed to ramble using the similar taxis for elapsed than foul-mouthed hours. This may allot principally when the driver is not conquering to go on the err/ride. Also, thither can be instances when the driver is unquiet encircling the err to assured areas whither the individual is rambleing. That may supervene due to concerns such as the roads' qualification and generous hours, incompact others. Such dictates of the driver jurisdiction above the endment of a ramble for a rambleist. In confutation to the toil, the App can be configured to own the driver comprehend the sound vestige antecedently the pickup and feasible detours to desert inconveniences. The driver can as-well-mannered comprehend the sound register for the ramble the driver is implicated in. Explain by Larry Mantrone: It’s grave to look-for Uber Ramble to bound the contrariant rambles which are volunteered as polite as the spans when they jurisdiction be pathed. Explain by Larry Mantrone: That relates to my earlier explain. You do own to obminister in belief the register jurisdiction be trench due to commerce qualifications, but you could raise some weak into the ramble register or may-be equal grant the driver the authority to cut end on a plug or two if the ramble is commencement too desire.

Critical Achievement Factors Explain by Larry Mantrone: These are grave!

Uber is a technology that has disrupted the way mob demand for ecstasy labors. Distinct dubious endment contents can co-operate-delay Uber in enhancing its trade distribute and promoting rambleism. One of the deep accidental elements that can pledge trade endment is ensuring that the Uber Ramble labor can be pathed behind a whileout clients incurring extra absorbs. Moreover, thither is a absence to enstconducive that stakeholders are satisfied by enhancing the labor's prize. Behind a while favorites of mob using Uber universewide, Uber Ramble conquer minister an alexpert cogent trade, which can undevelopedly growth customer faithfulness and tempt new ones. However, endment behind a while the deviceed Uber Ramble labor must be accompanied by cogent technical aid and ample trade mould preventive. The sight is to volunteer customers conducive labors and brisk answers to their queries whenever absenceed.

Cost and Benefits

Since Uber is an cogent technology, the absorbs of implementing the Uber Ramble dutyality can augment distributeholder prize and aid customer proof. Incompact a detail nationality, rambleists can causatively persomalize the Uber Ramble intentionning dutyality to test restaurants, booking labors, and test sites to investigate. This can subjugate extra absorbs that they would own incurred for hiring ramble guides. The budget for implementation is as-well-mannered fairly low, revolveing that it is a global labor. Notably, the blessings and prize that distributeholders can undevelopedly relish are haughty. When we inquire the absorbs opposing the blessings, the blessings growth and significantly growth Uber and customer faithfulness. As desire as all the dubious endment contents are implemented and labor uttery augmentd, Uber Ramble is a vieffectual dutyality. Explain by Larry Mantrone: The undeveloped practices the labor would volunteer to distributeholders and customers appear realistic. In this individuality, besides, you regular absence to nucleus on what it conquer charm to finance the intention and the look-fored wealths and other economic blessings to be conservative from it. Explain by Larry Mantrone: These are grave requisite avowments to fashion. I would propose it would be ameliorate to avow them behind you own agreed the numerical estimates, though.

The implementation of the Uber Ramble dutyality claims manifold quantitys of implementation. The estimated budget, including tradeing, for the 'Uber Tour' intention is $400,000 USD. Planning and documentation claim 10% of the balanceall budget. Development, testing, freedom, and intention skillful-treatment conquer charm 15% of the budget each. The systems and the ministerr's falsehood and implementation claim 10% of the budget. During the moderate quantity (Year 1), the tradeing absorbs conquer charm 15% of the intention. The inferential intentioned absorb allocation is presented lowerneath (all sums are in USD): Explain by Larry Mantrone: How does “planning and documentation” dispute from “intention skillful-treatment”? Explain by Larry Mantrone: These estimates are confirmeffectual for the purposes of this assignment!

Project StagesPercentageBudget Value
Planning and Documentation10%$ 40,000
Development15%$ 60,000
Testing15%$ 60,000
Contingency15%$ 60,000
Project Management15%$ 60,000
Systems/Servers10%$ 40,000
Marketing20%$ 80,000

Thither are multifarious blessings to the implementation of the Uber Ramble dutyality. Uber users from any separate of the universe conquer comprehend the restaurants and sceneries behind a whilein a detail nationality. In union, the congregation conquer as-well-mannered augment its wealth and tempt elapsed clients. Tourists conquer be effectual to reserve absorbs, which can raise mark faithfulness incompact the clients. The look-fored wealth for the foul-mouthed years behind deployment parades as subjoined (all sums are in USD): Explain by Larry Mantrone: “Points of interest” would be the tidings to use hither, IMHO.

Year Explain by Larry Mantrone: I’ll confirm this for the assignment. If you are doing this athwart the U.S., it would be grave to look-for elapsed wealth. The key is you are paradeing you are getting a handsome repay on your investment.Revenue
Year 1$30,000
Year 2$150,000
Year 3$300,000
Year 4$450,000

Project Donation Register Summary

The chart lowerneath summarizes the important milestones for the Uber Ramble intention. This chart barely interposed haughty-level milestones and their deviceed spanlines. Any registerd delays that conquer impression any of the milestones should be notified to the intention overseer instantly for the revolveation of adopting proerratic estimates. The intention is intentional for 14 months until deployment, which conquer set-out on January 1st, 2021. Explain by Larry Mantrone: It would be ameliorate to say “The intention, which conquer set-out on January 1st, 2021, is intentional for 14 months until deployment.

MilestonesEstimated Substance Conclusion (MM/DD/YYYY)
Project moderate prelude (or set-out) conclusion01/01/2021
General Analysis and Requirements Gathering02/15/2021
Product Design04/31/2021
Deployment of the work03/01/2022

Conclusion and Next Steps

The Uber Ramble intention conquer form a ramble intentionning dutyality as an workion to Uber's running deportment labor, providing labor including err itineraries falsehood that connects user's desired destinations, consulting commendations and in-detail instruction of national trade and inclinations on the vestige, automated hassle-free ride provision incompact destinations, and real-span vestige structure in confutation to user's demand. The intention is look-fored to deploy at the end of the haughtyest pity in 2022, behind a while a substance estimated budget of $400,000 US dollars.

The commendation of this deviceed intention outlined in this trade freedom conquer eneffectual the agency to do the subjoined steps:

· Charter the intention and assign eliminateing a stiff intention intention.

· Obminister the conclusion-maker(s), the intention possessor(s), and key stakeholders up to conclusion behind a while the intention's proficiency.

· Secure or succeed accidental recourses such as funding, techniques, tools, and living-souls accounteffectual for each intention step.

· Prepare some affordance for contingencies when a invention goes off.

· Acquire documents and authorizations for any kindred legislation regulations.

· Scheme a post-implementation criticism for advenient work deeptenance and workion.


Ming Cai Binghao Chen Meiheng Chen Chen Chen Ruyu Betty Zheng
Co-Project Manager

Prepared by:

Project Magistrate Sponsor
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