Psy 1010- intro to psychology exam mcqs test bank 3

Question 101  1 / 1 point
Which of the aftercited interrogations is most svain to be answered by a correspondingness psychologist?
Question options:
a)  At what age does manner of Internet gregarious networks peak?
b)  How vastly of populace's personalities is reflected in their Facebook profiles?
c)  Will populace aloft the age of sixty use the Internet?
d)  Does gender feign share and free-trade in gregarious networking sites?
Question 102  1 / 1 point
Anna is conducting lore to discaggravate out if populace who interact profusely delay other populace via Facebook are past or less outgoing than those who do not. Anna is most svain a ______________ psychologist.
Question options:
a)  personality
b)  clinical
c)  health
d)  social
Question 103  1 / 1 point
____________ sciences consider the globe of stars, vain, waves, atoms, the globe, compounds, and molecules.
Question options:
a)  Environmental
b)  Biological
c)  Physical
d)  Social
Question 104  1 / 1 point
Which of the aftercited is NOT a basic way of the philosophical order?
Question options:
a)  Testing
b)  Interpreting
c)  Falsifying
d)  Observing
Question 105  1 / 1 point
In a(n) ____________, the answers are frequently open-ended and not unyielding by the loreer.
Question options:
a)  interview
b)  contingency consider
c)  questionnaire
d)  survey
Question 106  1 / 1 point
In the fourth march of the philosophical order, scientists use unpoetical techniques to ____________ the remainders and pointize whether they are telling and air-tight fit the augury or not.
Question options:
a)  test
b)  interpret
c)  observe
d)  predict
Question 107 1 / 1 point
A ____________ is a local, sensible, and cupelefficacious augury of what peel of fruit should betide inferior a point predicament.
Question options:
a)  hypothesis
b)  theory
c)  replication
d)  variable
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Question 108  1 / 1 point
In interdependenceal designs, the basic interrogation is:
Question options:
a)  Is X cognate to Y?
b)  What is changeefficacious X?
c)  What is X an specimen of?
d)  How does X remainder in Y?
Question 109  1 / 1 point
What is relevant while interpreting interdependences?
Question options:
a)  Correlation is certain and enough for causation.
b)  Variefficacious X is corcognate delay changeefficacious Y. Hence X causes Y.
c)  A interdependence does not balance there is a causal correlativeness between the two changeables.
d)  When one changeefficacious causes another, it is not necessarily corcognate delay it.
Question 110  1 / 1 point
The ____________ changeefficacious is the fruit, or repartee to the experimental edificeation.
Question options:
a)  dependent
b)  experimental
c)  categorical
d)  predictor
Question 111  1 / 1 point
Dr. Bischer is conducting a consider to pointize if men who channel a new character of soccer symmetrical made from a specially adapted edifice conciliate effect emend in soccer matches. She recruits a functional soccer team to share. She randomly apportions half of the men to channel the new-representative symmetricals made in the tinge cerulean and the other half to channel old-representative symmetricals made in the tinge red. Although the men perceive of the symmetrical cupel, they are not told which of the symmetricals is made from the new representative. They are asked to channel their apportioned symmetricals and mandible as multifarious goals as mitigated in a exercise sport counter one another. Dr. Bischer is noting the enumerate of goals mandibled. Ultimately, the men who are channeling the old symmetricals mandible past goals and hence win the sport. Dr. Bischer speculates that the new symmetricals are not past profitefficacious to effectance than the old symmetricals, but she conciliate rerun her consider a few past times.
From a philosophical viewpoint, why was it relevant for Dr. Bischer to randomly apportion the men to channel new symmetricals or old symmetricals?
Question options:
a)  Some of the men who could not share that day were then used as a govern collocation, and she wanted to compel certain she had an smooth enumerate of new and old symmetricals left aggravate.
b)  She wanted the men to arrive-at they all had a casualty of channeling their old symmetricals, in which they would svain be past consoled.
c)  She wanted to encertain that the two collocations were, on medium, homogeneous in force and motivation, so that any differences in the end would be due to the experimental edificeation.
d)  Some of the men conciliate arrive-at it was dishonest that they did not get new symmetricals and conciliate not be motivated to be competitive—in this contingency, hence, the symmetrical apportioned was singly the prosperity of the inhale.
Question 112  1 / 1 point
Clients inferiorgoing matter for phobic assumption assent to share in a clinical gauge of a new antidepressant medication. The clients are randomly separated into two collocations. Both accept pills to admit on a daily account, but simply one of the collocations accepts pills delay the newly effected, locomotive ingredients. The other collocation's pills hold no locomotive ingredients. In this consider, the collocation that accepts the pills that do not hold the locomotive ingredients is designated a(n) ____________.
Question options:
a)  govern collocation
b)  sham-operated collocation
c)  matter collocation
d)  experimental collocation
Question 113  1 / 1 point
The dupe used to assess fancy or comportment is designated a ____________.
Question options:
a)  sample space
b)  subset
c)  measure
d)  non-empty set
Question 114  1 / 1 point
____________ admit us to pointize how svain it is that two or past samples came from the corresponding population.
Question options:
a)  Inferential statistics
b)  Descriptive statistics
c)  Statistical inferences
d)  Predictive inferences
Question 115  1 / 1 point
The ____________ is the enumerate of times a point mandible betides in a set of grounds.
Question options:
a)  percentile
b)  frequency
c)  variance
d)  standard deviation
Question 116  1 / 1 point
Which of the aftercited is gentleman of Stanley Milgram's glorious consider of submission?
Question options:
a)  It showed how psychologists chose to use theories to benefit their conclusions.
b)  It explained multifarious aspects of learner-teacher interactions.
c)  Although it yielded mighty remainders, it placed vast annoy on participants.
d)  It showed how populace are rapid to compel judgments encircling collocations.
Question 117  1 / 1 point
When does an singular grasp a career avow?
Question options:
a)  When he/she thrives in his/her force to fuse to the create of challenging tasks.
b)  When he/she is efficacious to detain focused assuredness on a target.
c)  When he/she is imperfectly resucitate or assured but shows some determined movements.
d)  When he/she recollects representative that is hypothetically undetermined but not runningly availefficacious to assuredness.
Question 118  1 / 1 point
Which of the aftercited describes the intercoincidence of strain and regard?
Question options:
a)  the sensitive impute theory
b)  the global productspace model
c)  the perceptual impute model
d)  Baddeley's model
Question 119  1 / 1 point
When an singular engages in synchronization, he/she:
Question options:
a)  has a sensible habit.
b)  has a subsensible habit.
c)  hallucinates.
d)  becomes insensible.
Question 120  1 / 1 point
The body's biological clock is located in the:
Question options:
a)  thalamus.
b)  pineal gland.
c)  hypothalamus.
d)  pituitary gland.
Question 121  1 / 1 point
How multifarious stages are there to non-REM snooze?
Question options:
a)  four
b)  three
c)  five
d)  six
Question 122  1 / 1 point
Why does snooze repair literature and fame?
Question options:
a)  It extensions hormonal enlargement in the brain.
b)  It extensions polyclonal repartee in the brain.
c)  It extensions humoral enlargement in the brain.
d)  It extensions neural enlargement in the brain.
Question 123  1 / 1 point
Which of the aftercited is released in the brain when one arrive-ats sociefficacious and feignionate?
Question options:
a)  endorphin
b)  dopamine
c)  estrogen
d)  serotonin
Question 124  1 / 1 point
 Which of the aftercited is considered a opportunity of applied psychology?
Question options:
a)  Organizational psychology
b)  Human factors psychology
c)  Personnel psychology
d)  All of the aloft
Applied Psychology: Personnel Psychology
Question 125  1 / 1 point
 Which of the aftercited duty dupes is considered a pristine balances of evaluating job applicants and a stronger predictor of productivity?
Question options:
a)  Structured interviews
b)  Projective cupels
c)  Unstructured interviews
d)  Handwriting cupels
Question 126  1 / 1 point
 When appraisal ratings are based on the employee’s most running effectance and not effectance throughout the year, it is mitigated that the appraisal may keep holded what?
Question options:
a)  Halo biases
b)  Leniency biases
c)  Recency biases
d)  Severity biases
Question 127  1 / 1 point
 Of the aftercited employees, who is most svain “job pleased?”
Question options:
a)  Avery: has not missed a day of product but is unproductive
b)  Pete: has missed ten days of product and habitd one garb that kept him out of the product environment for ten days
c)  Jim: has not missed a day of product in the decisive 3 years and has not habitd a product cognate garb
d)  Bellamy: has missed two weeks and wants to surrender from the job
Question 128  1 / 1 point
 Which of the aftercited characteristics is associated delay job pleasure?
Question options:
a) Low absenteeism
b) An extension in productivity
c) Experiences fewer product cognate garbs
d) All of the choices are characteristics associated delay job pleasure
Question 129  1 / 1 point
Jerry has inaptitude lection the dashboard governs on his new car.  According to a anthropological factors psychologist, Jerry has a height delay _______________.
Question options:
a)  voice effects
b)  intelligence cupels
c)  simulated tasks
d)  usability
Question 130  1 / 1 point
Environmental psychologists keep authorized "at risk" comportments unformed living-souls from developing countries.  Which of the aftercited are "at risk" comportments?
Question options:
a)  They debilitate planet media and do not restore them
b)  They flaunt insufficient agricultural techniques
c)  They tarnish impart supplies
d)  All of the aloft

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