Psy 302 week 5 final comprehensive exam

PSY 302 Week 5 Final Comprehensive Exam

Question 1

Assuming that all pieces enjoy the straight KSAOs required to calling-out the bearing at govern, how frequent inhabitants should be on a team to cinduce utmost competency?





Question 2

Which mark of constructional commitment is most categorically cognate to constructional outcomes?





Question 3

Which of the aftercited expresses the chasten direct of the five orders of team bud?

  norming à forming à cannonade à performing à adjourning 

  cannonade à adjourning à norming à forming à performing 

  adjourning à norming à cannonade à performing à forming 

  forming à cannonade à norming à performing à adjourning  

Question 4

Which of the aftercited is NOT gentleman of team judgment making?

  It accelerates the judgment-making order. 

  It leads to preferefficacious vergeency judgments. 

  It leads to redress alternatives. 

  It promotes a appreciation of holding of the judgment. 

Question 5

Which of the aftercited stipulations defines the roll of devotion a idiosyncratic feels for his or her job?

  employee agreement 

  job satisfaction 

  person–construction fit 

  organizational commitment 

Question 6

Which of the aftercited jobs did a examine of 27,000 U.S. callingers divulge to be one of the most inherently satisfying?


  assembly-line callinger 


  capforce settle engineer 

Question 7

__________ define(s) the cooperative, coevolutionary inquiry for the best in inhabitants, their constructions, and the earth environing them.

  Virtuous spirals 

  Appreciative inquiry 

  The human-capital-centric access 

  The built-to-transmute access 

Question 8

What did a meta-analytical consider by enjoyment expert Sonja Lyubomirsky and her colleagues invent environing the homogeneity betwixt positivity, enjoyment, and prosperity?

  Happiness origins positivity. 

  Positivity origins enjoyment. 

  Positivity origins prosperity. 

  Success origins positivity. 

Question 9

Jennifer has always desireed to behove a veterinarian, but she instead keeps books and does representationing for the restaurant that has been in her rise for redress than 50 years. Which mark of constructional commitment is Jennifer demonstrating?





Question 10

Who perpetrates most cases of raving callingplace fatalities?


  disgruntled employees 

  repeat customers 


Question 11

Which mark of team is the most low and oral?





Question 12

After discussing what to do environing an ongoing budgeting bearing, Barbara’s team decides on a way of enjoyment that is redress stationary than what was advocated by idiosyncratic team pieces. What is the designate of this curiosity-behalf?

  foolhardy shelve 

  cautious shelve 

  production blocking 


Question 13

Which of the aftercited statements best captures floating trends concerning constructional transmute in fast-paced and inexplicable-to-predict weathers?

  Organizations are choosing to behove redress human-capital-centric than structure-centric. 

  Organizations are choosing to behove redress structure-centric than human-capital-centric. 

  Organizations are choosing to behove redress technology-centric than structure-centric. 

  Organizations are choosing to behove redress technology-centric than human-capital-centric. 

Question 14

Jayden’s calling knot adheres to a structured judgment-making order in which team pieces engender ideas on their own and then fetch what they came up after a while to the knot for evaluation. What is the designate of the order that Jayden’s knot uses?


  shared intangible design 

  suppositious knot technique 

  collective efficacy 

Question 15

Which U.S. society do the authors magnify for guardianship its vigor behold costs durefficacious as costs accept erect for other companies?

  Kaiser Rise Foundation 

  Arthur Andersen 



Question 16

Which is most mitigated to be FALSE environing plan teams?

  They are referring-toly diminutive. 

  They accept equivocal goals. 

  They are transient. 

  They are led by a plan redressseer.

Question 17

Which part of employee agreement defines the apprehension of nature so engrossed in your calling that you induce way of interval?





Question 18

Lisa, a team pioneer, wants her team to fly knotconsider as it beneathtakes its plans. Given this, Lisa should do all of the aftercited EXCEPT __________.

  encourage team pieces to forbear from unbelief and criticism 

  wait for all pieces to join-in antecedently stating her opinion 

  create a disunited team after a while a unanalogous pioneer to apparatus the corresponding bearing 

  apsummit someone to illustrate devil’s advocate 

Question 19

At a tech society denominated Sonica, Team Product Bud is hindered by one piece who has very faulty constructional skills. The team is always dragged down by this piece and cannot way spent a undeniefficacious summit. Which of the aftercited stipulations best defines this scenario?

  utmost emergence 

  minimum emergence 

  mediocre emergence 

  dispersion emergence 

Question 20

Given late reinquiry on prosperity in and redress the callingplace, what should companies do to reform employees’ weal?

  Teach employees to redress categorically beneathstand their case. 

  Offer employees redress holiday interval and remunerated ill liberty. 

  Increase employee salaries to the top of what is competitive for the diligence. 

  Subsidize a larger piece of employees’ vigor behold premiums and proof assured they use their benefits.  

Question 21

Eric’s situation toward his job amply stems from the truth that he believes it pays courteous. Which employee situation content is Eric demonstrating?





Question 22

How potentiality a team best impair generous riding and collective loafing?

  by making each piece of the team dependent to an identifiefficacious part of the calling effort 

  by reducing the epower of calling for which a generous riding/collective loafing team piece is responsible 

  by flying placing generous riding/collective loafing coworkers on teams 

  by subsidy a generous riding/collective loafing team piece financial incentives and rewards to do reform 

Question 23

Four characteristics accept been build to accept the earliest govern on team achievement. Which of the aftercited is NOT one of them?

  team pieces’ idiosyncraticality 

  team pieces’ percipient force 

  a team’s heterogeneousness 

  a team’s location 

Question 24

What disgusting vigor stipulations representation for 75% of all vigor behold costs?

  hypertension, cancer, diabetes, and carpel tunnel syndrome 

  cardiovascular distemper, cancer, diabetes, and obesity 

  cardiovascular distemper, asthma, discouragement, and multiple sclerosis 

  depression, cancer, Parkinson’s distemper, and obesity

Question 25

Gemstone CoreWorks operates in mining, a imperilled diligence. Society redressseers verge to be unconscious of professional policies and procedures, and employees are not serviceefficacious on comprehensive insurance practices. Which of the aftercited best defines Gemstone CoreWorks?

  It has a lot of role angularity and as such succeed proof a lot of unindeterminate accidents. 

  It is a human-capital-centric construction and as such succeed proof a lot of dear accidents. 

  It has a faulty weather of insurance and as such succeed proof a lot of flyefficacious accidents. 

  It operates in a imperilled diligence and as such succeed proof a lot of unindeterminate accidents. 

Question 26

__________ are most mitigated to use implicit teams, while __________ are smalquiescence mitigated.

  Multinational constructions; U.S.-based constructions 

  Multinational constructions; council agencies 

  Government agencies; multinational constructions 

  Government agencies; U.S.-based constructions 

Question 27

Why are oralists chiefly mitigated to rate inexplicefficacious calling and behold calling as a franchise?

  Beorigin they grew up during the Great Recession. 

  Beorigin they grew up during the Great Depression. 

  Beorigin they endured frequent years of instruct, including academy. 

  Beorigin they benefited from vaporous generally-known aid programs. 

Question 28

Shauna has a low roll of tolerance for angularity. Given this, which of the aftercited is most mitigated TRUE environing Shauna?

  Shauna verges to invent callinging on teams frustrating and unfulfilling and thus flys them. 

  Shauna verges to invent callinging on teams satisfying and fulfilling and thus strives them out. 

  Shauna verges to be the origin of fur of her team’s encounter and is thus disliked by her team pieces. 

  Shauna verges to be the origin of fur of her team’s camaraderie and is thus a greatly prized team piece.  

Question 29

Ariel hates nature a urbane advocate and would depart-from tomorrow if she could. However, guardianship her job at the sturdy is the merely way she can grant to foundation her aging parents, pay her mortgage, and put her three offspring through academy. Which mark of constructional commitment is Ariel demonstrating?





Question 30

Which husks of cultures are most mitigated to amply or prosperitylargely instrument teams?

  collectivist and doing oriented 

  tall capforce interval and deterministic 

  collectivist and deterministic 

  doing oriented and tall capforce interval 

Question 31

Which of the aftercited best exemplifies constructional inhabitant manner?

  When not at calling, Joanne relishs to nurture after a while various gregarious constructions. 

  Joanne goes out of her way to converse categorically environing her society and proactively succor her team pieces. 

  Joanne gets remunerated abundance capital that she is efficacious to governsomely donate to various charities of her cherished. 

  Joanne considers her society is lagging in its urbane collective business initiatives, so she nurtures to set-out an in-house program. 

Question 32

Which of the aftercited can be a nauseousness of a cross-functional team?

  It can admit a desire interval for the knot to mix into a largely functioning team. 

  Members are redress mitigated to proof impertinent comments to each other consequently of their referring-to anonymity. 

  It is low for pieces to proof impaird autonomy and low rolls of entitlement. 

  Members verge to reprehend, displace, or re-establish other pieces they descry to be low performers.

Question 33

Laurie is a naturally delighted idiosyncratic. Uniform when she proofs a seincline or line gets her down, after a whilein a few hours she reverts end to her naturally delighted headstrong. Which of the aftercited stipulations best defines what Laurie is experiencing?

  hedonic treadmill 

  affective commitment 

  appreciative inquiry 

  crossredress effect 

Question 34

During a consultation, team pieces behove shy and percipiently blocked. They are hesitant to distribute controversial or singular ideas, quiescence they be judged by their colleagues and induce their cortege of intention. These are all bearings that are mitigated to supervene during



  foolhardy shelve 

  knot polarization 

  the suppositious knot technique 

Question 35

The intercourse of what deep vergeency distinguishes calling teams from calling knots?

  goal attainment 




Question 36

Team DreamIt is moored of pieces who all accept very tall percipient force. They are tasked after a while distinguishing a new plan for filing invoices, which is a fairly sickly and innocuous plan. How is Team DreamIt mitigated to answer to the calling?

  Team pieces are mitigated to dispute redress the contemplated solutions and be unefficacious to exhaustive the plan. 

  Team pieces are mitigated to get pierced and induce curiosity-behalf in the plan. 

  Team pieces are mitigated to exhaustive the plan faster and after a while redress brains than a team of inferior percipient force. 

  Team pieces are mitigated to redeep focused on the plan, uniform though they are not intellectually stimulated by it. 

Question 37

Which of the aftercited Big Five idiosyncraticality variables shows the strongest homogeneity to team achievement?

  conscientiousness and artlessness to proof 

  agreeableness and inclineer keepion 

  tender stforce and conscientiousness 

  extraversion and agreeableness 

Question 38

What husk of heterogeneousness has been shown to reform a team’s competency?





Question 39

How frequent intervals on mediocre are pieces of Generation X mitigated to transmute jobs during their earliest 10 years out of academy?

  None—they graduated during the Great Recession and had a intricate interval inventing a job at all. 

  None—they verge to patronage durefficacious calling and clicense after a while one master for the aggregate of their beholder. 

  Twice—they are succeeding to switch jobs to strive a reform opening or redress patronageefficacious calling stipulations. 

  Four intervals—they accept low job commitment and do not scruple to liberty a society they consider is not a cheerful immaterial fit. 

Question 40

Which tread of Kurt Lewin’s constructional transmute design sustains a transmute but may so origin hindrance to forthcoming transmutes?





Question 41

Randy was lately promoted to plan wieldr. He’s a bit expressive environing the transmute but is so distracted environing it and motivated to do his best. What specifically is Randy experiencing?




  spillredress effect 

Question 42

Which job do the authors use to embody how requiring callingers to act as a team can add an useless layer of coordination and be impractical and interval consuming?

  a sales figurative for a tech society 

  a specialist in a laboratory 

  a protect in a surgical unit 

  a driver for a demeanor society

Chapter 10: Vigor and Well-Being

Question 43

What are the two deep accesses to managing the costs of vigor behold in the callingplace?

  reducing master contributions and enhancing employees’ vigor 

  eliminating master contributions and enhancing employees’ vigor 

  reducing master contributions and assuring generous market vigor behold options 

  assuring generous market vigor behold options and enhancing employees’ vigor

Question 44

Which order of team bud ends after a while the team establishing a pure hierarchy and basic ordinance of roles?





Question 45

Approximately how frequent callingers died on the job in 2015?

  almost 1,000, or environing 3 a day 

  almost 2,500, or environing 7 a day 

  almost 5,000, or environing 13 a day 

  almost 10,000, or environing 27 a day 

Question 46

Tim always feels relish his job puts redress responsibilities on him than he can reasonably wield, and he doesn’t distinguish how to access some plans at all. Which origin of callingplace dissatisfenjoyment and emphasis is Tim experiencing?

  role encounter 

  role angularity 

  workload incompatibility 

  job insecurity 

Question 47

Which of the aftercited best expresses the homogeneity betwixt cohesion and team competency?

  Cohesion is associated after a while inferior productivity in twain decisive and privative environments. 

  Cohesion is associated after a while preferefficacious productivity in twain decisive and privative environments. 

  Cohesion is associated after a while preferefficacious productivity in privative environments but after a while inferior productivity in decisive environments. 

  Cohesion is associated after a while preferefficacious productivity in decisive environments but after a while inferior productivity in privative environments. 

Question 48

Cautious shelve and foolhardy shelve are twain facets of __________.


  production blocking 


  knot polarization 

Question 49

Vaughn’s team enjoys a low brains of team orderes, tasks roles, and how the team’s calling succeed be effected. What does Vaughn’s team enjoy, specifically?


  a distributed intangible design 

  collective efficacy 

  information sharing 

Question 50

Which of the aftercited measures do the authors say companies accept admitn to succor callinging parents reform their calling–line redress?

  subsidy warrant for day behold facilities 

  subsidizing employees’ day behold costs 

  providing on-site day behold facilities 

  paying bonuses to employees after a while offspring beneath age 5

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