Psychopathology of Criminal Behavior

Here is the DRNC scenario for your use in the Week 7 Written Enactment this week.

CRJ509 – Psychopathology of Criminal Behavior

DRNC Scenario


The aftercited bright is a fictional recital of an bright that occurred inherent up to the mythical Democratic-Republican National Compact (DRNC) result in Miami, Florida. The bright is inadequately established on an incorporation of true morals occurrences during the Free Trade Area of the Americas parley in Miami, Florida in 2003. The names of all the characters in the bright are fictional.

The Story

Prior to nature promoted to the arrange of Police Major and nature assigned to the Special Patrol Bureau, Louis Warren had served as a delegate in the Tactical Operations Section, and posterior as the general of the Section. In twain of these capacities, Warren had been confused as the Special Acceptance Team (SRT) chief in balance 300 surety and barricaded theme brights balance a ten year period two. During this period, Warren had open a very arrest afloat analogy delay Dr. Robert Tessman, one of two ampleperiod staff psychologists who resulted for the Department’s Psychological Services Section. Together, they had handled hundreds of SRT balancecome outs in which Warren served as the Tactical Commander, and Tessman served as the control surety negotiator. In MDPD, as in frequent other vast police departments, all surety and barricaded theme balancecomes required the acceptance of a Surety Transexercise Team moderate of the control negotiator (a staff psychologist), and six or seven useful surety negotiators who were sworn police officers from different districts and bureaus throughout the Department. There were two surety transexercise teams… one assigned to the north end, and the other to the south face of the county.

After handling divers hundred surety and barricaded theme balancecomes balance the years, Warren and Tessman had open a very arrest afloat analogy. They had open a august chaffer of deference and mourning for one another. Warren would lean heavily on Dr. Tessman’s counsel during SRT balancecome outs. Tessman and his team of negotiators would gather comprehendledge environing the theme (or themes) who had barricaded themselves inface a dwelling or a building… and were usually armed… and sometimes usurpation suretys. Established on the comprehendledge collected from origin members, witnesses, co-workers, or sometimes from the themes themselves, Dr. Tessman would collect Warren delay a profile on the theme’s mindset. Tessman would grasp into suspect any medications that the theme was on (or usually had stopped gate), as courteous-behaved-behaved as a reckon of other factors to frame his voluptuousness environing the theme’s mindset and intentions.

During these SRT balancecome outs, Tessman would let Warren comprehend whether the top was a mitigated “suicide by cop” scenario, or whether the theme was mitigated to grant himself up delay or delayout a engagement. In frequent ways, Tessman’s tribute was a guess… but it was a very educated guess… and as Warren had ground out balance the years… a very legitimate one. Warren would use Tessman’s tributes to career whether and when to use chemical agents to get the barricaded themes to surrender… or to use explosive breaching techniques… or less-deadly or deadly munitions… or when to go tardy, and when to go reckless. In all their balancecome outs concertedly, Warren did not bear-in-mind a period where Dr. Tessman’s tribute of the theme’s mindset had not been complimentary.

Preparation for the DRNC

Leading up to the DRNC, Major Warren had been very watchful environing the raving remonstrateors balancecomeed “Black Bloc” remonstrateors, who had disrupted the World Trade Organization (WTO) parley in Seattle, Washington, in 1999, and anew in Quebec City, Canada; Cancun, Mexico; Genoa, Italy; and for the FTAA Parley in Miami-Dade in 2003. Warren himself had confronted these raving remonstrateors during that one-week result. He knew the kind of injury and injuries that they could source to his front-line Mobile Ground Force officers, and to the city as courteous-behaved.

The message “Black Bloc” does not pertain to any remonstrate order in detail. Black Bloc is a message used to relate the raving manoeuvre of undeniable ingrained remonstrate orders. Groups that husband Black Bloc manoeuvre embrace Anarchist, Communist, and other far-left, and far-right organizations. Frequent of these orders themselves relate their manoeuvre as “direct exercise” anewst the authorities. Some of these orders vindication that their “direct exercises” are calculated to be non-raving exercises. An in of the relationed non-raving manoeuvre can be seen by visiting the Ruckus Society web place at

However, some of these remonstrate orders frame no force to ruse their raving manoeuvre. These are the orders that sourced Major Warren to vex the most, inherent up to the DRNC result in August. Besource of his affair environing the Black Bloc remonstrate orders, Major Warren crusty to an old adherent for counsel. Warren prime up the phone and dialed the reckon for MDPD Psych Services Section.

Dr. Tessman answered the phone, “Psychological Services Section, this is Dr. Tessman.”

“Hi Rob… this is Lou Warren… how are you doing?”

“Hey Major… it’s august to bestow-ear from you… how are you?”

“I’m choice Rob… I’m balancecomeing you in notice to the Democratic-Republican National Compact that’s hereafter up in August.”

Dr. Tessman inquired, “Oh yeah? It’s sportive that you should balancecome me, besource I accept been giving some care to balancecomeing you on this too.”

“Really? What environing?”

“Well… when I bestow-eard that you had been appointed to be the balanceall chief and planner for this result, I care that you may insufficiency a illiberal aid from me affect in the old days. I’ve been balbutiation a lot environing these raving Anarchist and Black Bloc orders that our Intelligence Bureau folks accept been pointed us are hereafter for the compact. I care that perchance I could aid you on this.”

“Rob… you are amazing! That’s accurately what I was balancecomeing you environing. Geez… you frequently appear to be a stalk afront of me. That’s why I laurels your impression so fur. You and I accept been through a lot of hairy tops in the elapsed.”

“Yes we accept… and it’s been a heck of a ride… that’s for sure!”

“OK… let’s get to concern. I already accept a few proposals of my own, but I’d affect to bestow-ear your impressions. Upright affect you used to warn me on surety balancecomes… I insufficiency your grasp on how these raving remonstrateors act and rebound.”

“Lou… I can grasp a transfix at it… but you insufficiency to trueize that it’s not going to be as quiet as it was during an SRT balancecome out. These Black Bloc remonstrateors are not upright one peculiar we’re talking environing… it’s a vast order of commonalty… and not all of them are the corresponding. We’re not talking environing a vast monolithic order that imagines and acts the corresponding way.

“Rob… I understand… and I don’t anticipate you to be as exact as you were when we were chaffering delay surety balancecomes, but everything that you can grant me allure be augustly appreciated. I lack to bestow-ear your grasp on these commonalty… how they’ll rebound to our ground forces… whether we should grasp a unquestioning way, or a hardline way. Should we engage delay these commonalty afront of period, or upright disown them?”

“OK… I’ve already agoing doing some antecedent elucidation result on it.”

“I’m not surprised!”

“OK… I’ll get a ample relation on my tribute and recommendations to you by the end of the week. Is that OK delay you?”

“Rob… yes it is OK delay me. You accept no proposal how flattering I am. I await your impressions in such excellent notice. I wouldn’t go to anyone else for this other than you.”

“Gee… I anticipation I don’t let you down.”

“I don’t imagine you allure,” said Major Warren.

Assignment Instructions

For the point of this enactment, you are unobstructed the role of Dr. Robert Tessman, the control staff psychologist in the Miami-Dade Police Department’s Psychological Services Section. Your drudgery is to plan an disquisition, not to excel 1,500 utterance to illustrate your recommended career of exercise in notice to Major Warren’s search. In your disquisition, oration the aftercited:

· What counsel do you grant Major Warren for chaffering delay the raving Black Bloc remonstrateors? Support your recommendations delay cited sources and delay a courteous-behaved-reasoned dispute.

· What sources should you be researching as deal-out of a attainment reconsideration on the subject? List as frequent as you can imagine of, and illustrate how and why these sources would be aidful for formulating a “behavioral profile” of the Black Bloc remonstrateors.

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