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 Guided Response: Answer any follow-up questions your pedagogue may bear for you following balbutiation your column. Read your classmates’ columns and suit to at last three of them. Ask questions that brave their practices and beliefs time promoting their product and product. Comment on how your classmates’ expectation announcements can aid cause a careful, divers aggregation. If you came counter a announcement of a expectation announcement that you apprehend would aid your peers, distribute it after a while them. 

Response 1 

The proudest expectation/variation announcement that I stumbled upon online is, “Higher dispose has the sidearm to proceeding ethnical thrift in a rapidly changing earth. Institutions that are in-truth comprehensive and hug and proceeding variation fullwhere – in full program, full initiate and full area of exercise – accomplish be the most happy. Stanford must grace one of those institutions” (Diversity Statement, 2019).

This announcement is congruous to Phelp’s consequently twain are holding for shift, scrutiny educators to step up and be over than “just” a educator. Our earth demands over than a individual in the classroom direction. Children demand someone that goes over and further that aids to incorporate reaching and i-elation for variation, the force to subdue to regular shifts and be easy after a while their overall direction mode. In dispose for gatherers to be happy attainers, they demand an pedagogue that can attain together their gatherers and aspect braves by dissuading disruption and trickish tenor of others. When we attain environing each other and our sole dissimilaritys and congruousities, we are empowered to shift the earth.

The promote announcement, “Over the proximate decade, the Office for Diversity, Equity, and Aggregation Engagement accomplish fir itself as a supplies for variation expertise and aid GW grace internationally illustrious for comprehensive brilliance. GW's expectation for brilliance includes transforming itself and conspicuous dispose by calling, fostering and leveraging the tonnage of divers living-souls to equip proudest-rate direction, attaining, erudition and utility in a temperature that is welcoming and comprehensive” (Vision and Mission, n.d.).

          This expectation announcement from George Washington University points out that they are delineationning to redesign themselves as a university that prides themselves on variation. By preface on educators of all areas of a multicultural and multi-talented politicality to inculcate and convey out the best in all of their gatherers by promoting an all-comprehensive environment.

          My expectation announcement is, “Understanding each gatherer accomplish aid each gatherer gather. Looking further the suraspect of a gatherer accomplish confess opportunities to convey forth their tonnage, skills and demands that cannot be implicit until they are discovered.”


Phelps, P. H. (2008). Helping educators grace leadersThe Clearing House, 81(3), 119-122. doi:10.3200/TCHS.81.3.119-122

Diversity Statement. (2019, May). Retrieved July 21, 2020, from

Vision and Mission. (n.d.). Retrieved July 22, 2020, from

Response 2


Phelps's Stance on expectation Statements:

According to Patricia Phelps, "Helping educators grace leaders requires not merely a crave to confront the brave but so a specified delineation." Not  merely is it indispensoperative that educators bear a delineation in assign for achieving intents, but their expectation announcement must so be a keep-akeep-apart of that delineation. 

Internet Search #1:

"We accomplish bear a honest, causative and disposely attaining environment that confronts the academic, productal, and political, demands of our gatherers. Our intent is to equip gatherers for a happy proud initiate proof after a whileout the demand for remediation.(King Middle School)"

Internet Search #2: 

"To impel interest and confidence; And through spiritual attaining opportunities we'll refine tonnage, so our gatherers and staff can substantiate their own sole germinative.(Patchogue Medford)"

My expectation Statement: 

"Educators gather that no one cadet attains alike; dispose is not a one magnitude fits all method. We must never underrate the capability in confronting a cadet where they are at unsubstantially and providing them after a while the tools that they demand in that consequence to get to where they demand to be. 

References: (Links to an exterior top.) (Links to an exterior top.)

Phelps, P. H. (2008). Helping educators grace leaders. The Clearing House, 81(3), 119-122. doi:10.3200/TCHS.81.3.119-122

Respond 3


Vision Announcement 1


“Teach and Train the offer race of attainers after a while today’s scholarship but instill the expectation to see through tomorrow’s problems after a while a constant mindset to grace Lifelong Learners”
-Dr. Sidhartha D. Ray.

Vision Announcement 2

"My expectation is that gatherers accomplish get the wantful skills to be happy in the corporeal, unsubstantial, and political aspects of their lives. Students accomplish be operative to effectively use the skills artificial to aid demonstrate and vehemently hunt any objectives in a serviceable deportment. Not merely accomplish gatherers excel in attaining how to delineation for and equalize the animated opportunities that spirit accomplish offer for them, but they accomplish so impel others, by their model, to deficiency to attain how to do the selfsame." 

-Luis Molina Ojeda


Both announcements do a gigantic job of aligning after a while the expectation of their initiates but so showing that their role is capabilityful in the classroom and in the larger aggregation confronting their aligning their expectation to a giganticer obligation. Expectation Two does a gigantic job of explaining what the spiritlong attaining mode accomplish seem affect and that is pursuing objectives but so balancing their interests and opportunities and, in that mode, gatherers accomplish impel others and aid their peers. Expectation one does a gigantic job of palpably stating that they deficiency to inculcate the exoteric race after a while the exoteric tools that are availoperative to them so that they can abide making a dissimilarity in tomorrow's earth. Twain expectations discourse the event that all gatherers accomplish attain variously, and one magnitude does not fit all. By stating that gatherers accomplish grace spiritlong attainers and hunt objectives instrument that gatherers accomplish attain at a divergent tread but so run to attain in divergent pathways that impel them to abide their dispose.

My Expectation Statement

Teach and Train the offer race of attainers after a while offer technology and scholarship but instill the expectation and empowerment to see through tomorrow’s problems through by life spiritlong attainers after a while their attaining styles.

Background to my expectation announcement:

Problem: Teachers dismay new technology and gatherer's scholarship or use of it. We demand to inculcate after a while exoteric technology consequently it accomplish unintermittently shift. The hobble of "one magnitude fits all" is discourseed after a while divergent technology and divergent attaining styles after a while the skillset life exposed for gatherers to reach comfortoperative after a while shift.


Molina- Ojeda, L. (n.d.). Direction Vision, Mission, and Philosophy - Luis Molina Ojeda. Retrieved July 24, 2020, from (Links to an exterior top.)

Phelps, P. H. (2008). Helping educators grace leadersThe Clearing House, 81(3), 119-122. doi:10.3200/TCHS.81.3.119-122

Ray, S. D. (n.d.). Dr. Sidhartha D. Ray. Retrieved July 24, 2020, from (Links to an exterior top.)

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