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McDonald’s—The Coffee Descend Heard ’Round the World

The McDonald’s coffee descend is the most illustrious consumer lawhelp in the earth. Everyone understands encircling this plight, and the details compromised in it abide to be disputed in frequent incongruous venues—classrooms, Web tops, blogs, law trains, and occupation trains. Regardless, it serves as one of the best platforms in the earth for discussing what companies owe their consumer stakeholders and what responsibilities consumers possess for their own success. Consumers, advocates, and analysts are quiescent debating the earth illustrious coffee descend plight.

Keeping the topic hot was the 2011 documentary film, Hot Coffee, which analyzed the illustrious coffee descend, set the grounds direct, and highlighted the ongoing dispute encircling the collision of tort better on the U.S. juridical regularity. The film premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and aired on HBO during June 2011. The film won frequent apportions.

Stella Liebeck

Stella Liebeck and her grandson, Chris Tiano, shoal her son, Jim, to the airport 60 miles afar in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on the present of February 27, 1992. Beinducement she had to license residence present, she and Chris missed having breakfast. Upon descendping Jim off at the airport, they proceeded to a McDonald’s drive-through for breakfast. Stella, an free, 79-year-old, sequestered department-store clerk, ordered a McBreakfast, and Chris parked the car so she could add marrow and sugar to her coffee.

What occurred next was the coffee descend that has been inclined ‘round the earth. A coffee descend, solemn ignites, a lawsuit, and an spontaneous location made Stella Liebeck (pronounced Lee-beck) the “poster lady” for the cutting tort better arguments that possess dominated the information for neutralize than 20 years. To this day, the consequence is quiescent disputed, delay plights detrimentonious to Stella’s constant to be filed.

Third-Degree Burns

According to Liebeck’s corroboration, she balmy to get the coffee lid off. She could not invent any tame manner in the car, so she put the cup between her knees and balmy to get it off that way. As she tugged at the lid, scalding coffee descended into her lap. Chris jumped from the car and balmy to acceleration her. She pulled at her sweatsuit, but the pants astounded the coffee and held it cease to her bark. She was squirming as the 170-degree coffee igniteed her groin, close thigh, and buttocks. Third-degree ignites were manifest as she reached an exigency capability. A vascular surgeon robust she had third-degree (liberal corpulence) ignites neutralize 6 percent of her substantiality.


Following the descend, Liebeck spent eight days in the hospital and encircling three weeks at residence recuperating subordinate the preservation of her daughter, Nancy Tiano. She was then hospitalized anew for bark grafts. Liebeck past 20 pounds during the trouble and at durations was actually immobilized. Another daughter, Judy Allen, redetermined that her dowager was in dreadful affliction twain succeeding the surroundings and during the bark grafts.

According to a Newsweek store recital, Liebeck wrote to McDonald’s in August 1994, interrogation them to transform down the coffee atmosphere. Though she was not planning to sue, her lineage purpose she was due encircling $2,000 for out-of-pocket expenses plus the past compensation of her daughter who stayed at residence delay her. The lineage recitaled that McDonald’s offered her $800.

Stella Files a Lawsuit

After this, the lineage went looking for a advocate and retained Reed Morgan, a Houston counsellor, who had won a $30,000 location anewst McDonald’s in 1988 for a mother whose descended coffee had inducementd her third-degree ignites. Morgan filed a lawhelp on interest of Liebeck, charging McDonald’s delay “gross negligence” for selling coffee that was “unreasonably hazardous” and “defectively affected.” Morgan asked for no hither than $100,000 in reparatory pay, including affliction and affliction, and triple that equality in coercive pay.

McDonald’s Agitation Rejected

McDonald’s moved for compendium discardment of the plight, defextent the coffee’s ardor and blaming Liebeck for descextent it. According to the fraternity, she was the “proximate inducement” of the damnification. Delay McDonald’s agitation unusual, a trouble conclusion was set for August 1994.

As the trouble conclusion approached, no out-of-affect location occurred. Morgan, the counsellor, said that at one aim he offered to descend the plight for $300,000 and was desirous to fall for half that equality, but McDonald’s would not excite. Days precedently the trouble, the fittingice ordered the two parties to notice a atonement gathering. The messiah, a sequestered fittingice, recommended McDonald’s fall for $225,000, using the reasoning that a jury would slight apportion that equality. Again, McDonald’s resisted location.

The Trial

The trouble lasted suniform days, delay expeditions witnesses dueling neutralize technical consequences, such as the atmosphere at which coffee inducements ignites. Initially, the jury was annoyed at having to incline what at original was purpose to be a silly plight encircling descended coffee, but the declaration presented by the prosecution grabbed its notice. Photos of Liebeck’s charred bark were introduced. (These melomelodramatic photos are shown in the documentary, Hot Coffee.) A wonderful ignite expeditions testified that coffee at 170 degrees would inducement second-degree ignites delayin 3.5 seconds of hitting the bark.

The Apology Helped Liebeck

Defense witnesses inadvertently accelerationed the prosecution. A quality-assurance director at McDonald’s testified that the fraternity did not inferior its coffee ardor resisting 700 ignite complaints neutralize ten years. A insurance consultant argued that 700 complaints—encircling 1 in total 24 favorite cups sold—were basically paltry. This note was colorable interpreted to mean that McDonald’s preservationd neutralize encircling statistics than encircling populace. An constabulary for McDonald’s testified that the fraternity knew its coffee sometimes inducementd solemn ignites, but it was not planning to go further the lilliputian imimprint admonition on the cup that said, “Caution: Contents Hot!” The constabulary went on to say that McDonald’s did not hint to modify any of its coffee policies or procedures, declaration, “There are neutralize solemn dangers in restaurants.”

In the stagnation reasonings, one of McDonald’s apology counsellors unquestioned that the coffee was hot and that that is how customers nonproductioned it. She went on to persevere that Liebeck had merely herself to vituperate as she was unwise to put the cup between her knees. She so notable that Liebeck failed to jump out of the bucket wager in the car succeeding the descend, thus preventing the hot coffee from onflow off her. The counsellor concluded by declaration that the existent topic in the plight is how far connection should go to bound what most of us relish and sanction.

The Jury Decides

The jury deliberated encircling foul-mouthed hours and reached a judgment for Liebeck. It ruled on reparatory pay of $200,000, which it dejected to $160,000 succeeding judging that 20 percent of the defect belonged to Liebeck for descextent the coffee. The jury concluded that McDonald’s had affianced in refractory, prudenceless, choleric, or inconsiderate induce, which is the fixation for coercive pay. The jury ruled upon a emblem of $2.7 favorite in coercive pay.

Company Neglected Customers

One juror behind said that the grounds were neutralizewhelmingly anewst the fraternity and that the fraternity fitting was not vestibule preservation of its customers. Another juror felt the vast coercive pay were hinted to be a harsh admonition for McDonald’s to evoke up and existentize its customers were getting igniteed. Another juror said he began to existentize that the plight was existently encircling the dowdy inadvertence for the insurance of customers.

Public theory polls succeeding the jury judgment were squarely on the policy of McDonald’s. Polls showed that a bulky superiority of Americans—including frequent who usually help the pigmy guy—were outraged at the judgment. But, of series, the publicly-disunavailable did not incline all the details presented in the trouble.

Judge Reduces Award

The fittingice behind slashed the jury apportion by neutralize than 75 percent to $640,000. Liebeck appealed the decrease, and McDonald’s abided antagonist the apportion as superfluous. In December 1994, it was announced that McDonald’s had reached an out-of-affect location delay Liebeck, but the circumstancess of the location were not unreserved due to a confidentiality preparation. The location was reached to end appeals in the plight. We get never understand the terminal extent to this plight beinducement the parties entered into a concealed location that has never been revealed to the publicly-known. Past this was a publicly-disunavailable plight, litigated in publicly-known, and topiced to comprehensive instrument recitaling, some advocates ponder that such concealed locations, succeeding publicly-disunavailable troubles, should not be condoned.

Debate Neutralize Coffee Temperature

Coffee suddenly became a hot topic in the activity. The Specialty Coffee Association of America put coffee insurance on its agenda for argument. A spokesperson for the National Coffee Association said that McDonald’s coffee conforms to activity atmosphere standards. A spokesperson for Mr. Coffee, the coffee-machine creator, said that if customer complaints are any note, activity settings may be too low. Some customers relish it hotter. A coffee arbiter who leading and wholesaled coffee said that 175 degrees is probably the optimum atmosphere for coffee beinducement that’s when aromatics are entity released. Coffee served at residence is publicly 135–140 degrees. McDonald’s abided to say that it is serving its coffee the way customers relish it. As one writer notable, the atmosphere of McDonald’s coffee accelerations to clear-up why it sells a billion cups a year.

Later Incidents

In August 2000, a Vallejo, California, mother sued McDonald’s, declaration she suffered second-degree ignites when a influenceicapped employee at a drive-through window descendped a bulky cup of coffee in her lap. The help abounding that the influenceicapped employee could not grip the cardboard tray and was instead enigmatical to neutralize it on top of her influences and forearms when the surroundings occurred in August 1999. The martyr, Karen Muth, said she nonproductioned at meanest $10,000 for her medical bills, affliction and affliction, and “humiliation.” But her advocate, Dan Ryan, told the persomal informationpamphlet that she was entitled to between $400,000 and $500,000. Counsellor Ryan went on to say, “We allow that there’s an Americans delay Disabilities Act, but that doesn’t yield them (McDonald’s) the upupright to propitiation the insurance of their customers.” It is not understandn how this lawhelp was falld.

Suits Go Global

It was so announced in August 2000 that British solicitors had systematic 26 descend complainants into a order help anewst McDonald’s neutralize the piping hot regularity of its beverages. One London advocate said, “Hot coffee, hot tea, and hot water are at the life of this plight. We are alleging they are too hot.” Past that duration other lawsuits possess been filed environing the earth.

Burned by a Hot Pickle

In a connected transform of uniformts, a Knoxville, Tennessee, mother, Veronica Martin, filed a lawhelp in 2000 claiming that she was beamingly scarred when a hot preserve from a McDonald’s hamburger demolish on her chin. She claimed the ignite inducementd her tangible and supernatural detriment. Martin sued for $110,000. Martin’s mate, Darrin, so sought $15,000 beinducement he “has been robbed of the services and consortium of his helpmate.” According to Veronica Martin’s lawsuit, the hamburger “was in a short circumstances or unreasonably hazardous to the public consumer and, in detail, to her.” The lawhelp went on to say, “timeliness attempting to eat the hamburger, the preserve descendped from the hamburger onto her chin. The preserve was very-much hot and igniteed the chin of Veronica Martin.” Martin had second-degree ignites and was beamingly scarred, according to the lawsuit. One recital was that the McDonald’s proprietor falld this plight out of affect.

Issue Won’t Go Away

The Stella Awards

For 25 years now, the coffee descend inclined ‘round the earth abides to be a topic of ardored dispute. The coffee descend and following trouble, publicly-knownity, and disentanglement “prompted a tort better insult that has barely base.” One train of purpose held that it represents the most silly lawhelp of all duration. In circumstance, a program determined the “Stella Awards” was begun to allow each year’s most unwarrantable lawsuit. The apportions were the creation of droll-fellow Randy Cassingham, and his summaries of apportion-winning plights may be fix on the Stella Awards Web top. In in-existence, most of the lawsuits he archives are far neutralize unwarrantable than the coffee descend in which Stella Liebeck did get solemnly damaged. On the other influence, consumer orders are quiescent disturbed encircling martyrs of what they see as hazardous fruits, and they abide to encroach McDonald’s dowdy repudiation for Stella Liebeck.

In the ensuing decades, lawsuits neutralize spilt beverages possess abided to conclude and go, but most of them possess been fixed delay hither fanfare than Stella’s plight. As for S. Reed Morgan, the advocate who successfully represented Stella Liebeck, he has influenceled merely three plights involving beverages past Liebeck’s help. Morgan has transformed down frequent plaintiffs, but said he is careful in such plights merely if they entangle third-degree ignites.

A Lawhelp in Moscow

Coffee descend plights possess uniform bybygone global. In circumstance, a long-running plight anewst McDonald’s in Moscow was ceased in 2006 by a Moscow affect succeeding the appellant delaydrew her $34,000 lawsuit. Olga Kuznetsova filed a lawhelp anewst the fraternity succeeding hot coffee was descended on her in a Russian McDonald’s. Kuznetsova claimed that a swinging door hit her durationliness she was walking out onto the restaurant’s terrace delay a liberal tray. She demanded 900,000 rubles (then encircling $34,000) in pay. McDonald’s advocates said she had nosubstantiality to vituperate but herself beinducement the pamphlet cup carried a admonition that the coffee was hot, which prompted her to go to affect.

Coffee Descend Suits Continue

There is slight no end in spectacle for coffee descend-type plights. In a 2013 lawsuit, a mother wayfarer on Continental Airlines sued the fraternity for $170,550 succeeding a cup of hot coffee was descended on her during her escape. She claimed the hot coffee resulted in second-degree ignites and beaming scarring on her close thighs.

Consumers can glean neutralize encircling the Stella Liebeck plight and frequent others by visiting Ralph Nader’s newly opened American Museum of Tort Law in Winsted, Connecticut, his residence town. The new museum features groundbreaking urbane plights on auto insurance, tobacco, asbestos, and, yes, descended coffee, concurrently delay frequent others.

  1. What are McDonald’s gregarious (economic, lawful, and incorporeal) responsibilities toward consumers in the Liebeck plight and the other plights? What are consumers’ responsibilities when they buy a fruit such as hot coffee or hot hamburgers? How does a fraternity yield consumers what they nonproduction and yet fortify them at the similar duration?
  2. What are the reasonings helping McDonald’s pose in the Liebeck plight? What are the reasonings helping Liebeck’s pose? Should McDonald’s possess falld this plight when it had a hazard?
  3. If you had been a juror in the Liebeck plight, which pose would you most slight possess helped? Why? What if you had been a juror in the preserve ignite plight?
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