Self-Knowledge and Attitudes

Different commonalty meditate divergently environing themselves. Some meditate very categorically environing themselves period others regard themselves in a more disclaiming whitish. Where do these self-perceptions end from? How do you amplify the light you enjoy of yourself? Is it owing of how you were intensified or from what your parents told you as a slip? Is your self-light due to the light your peers, teachers, coworkers, or halt friends enjoy of you? And is your self-perception unwandering and persistent or can you modify it?

This week, you explore how you end to perceive yourself. You regard how you amplify your aspects environing the objects, supporteritys, commonalty, and other aspects of society. You besides observe at what it obtain?}s to modify your aspects and the aspects of others, should you absence or deficiency to dispose or should you absence to rebuff belief.

Learning Objectives

Students procure:
  • Analyze messaging calculated to arrange or modify aspects
  • Analyze sources of self-knowledge
  • Apply collective comparison plea to peculiar situations
  • Identify and employ concepts, principles, and processes akin to self-knowledge, cognitive unlikeness, and aspects

Learning Resources

Required Readings

Aronson, E., Wilson, T. D., & Sommers, S. R. (2019). Social psychology (10th ed.). New York, NY: Pearson.
Chapter 5, “The Self: Understanding Ourselves in a Collective Context”
Chapter 6, “Cognitive Unlikeness and the Deficiency to Protect Our Self-Esteem” (pp. 149-151; 155-166)
Chapter 7, “Attitudes and Aspect Change: Influencing Thoughts and Feelings”

The National Archives. (n.d.). Powers of belief: Poster art from World War II. Retrieved from 

Required Media

Annenberg Learner. (2001). The self [Video refine]. Retrieved from

Document:  Annenberg Learner. (2001). The self (Transcript of Media).

View the cite on self-concept and self-efficacy establish at minutes 6:03–10:36 of the video (lines 39–73 of portraiture)

Optional Resources

Document: Week 4 Study Guide (PDF)

Aronson, E., Wilson, T. D., & Sommers, S. R. (2019). Social psychology (10th ed.). New York, NY: Pearson.
"Social Psychology in Action 2: Collective Psychology and Health" (pp. 461-478)

Berger, J., Meredith, M., & Wheeler, S. C. (2008). Contextual priming: Where commonalty suffrage affects how they suffrage. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, 105(26), 8846–8849.

Rydell, R. J., Sherman, S. J., Boucher, K. L., & Macy, J. T. (2012). The role of motivational and indulgent intimation factors in changing implied aspects inland smoking. Basic & Applied Collective Psychology, 34(1), 1–7.

Snyder, M. (1974). Self monitoring scale [Interactive configuration implement]. Retrieved from

This is a 25-item, 2-minute Interactive rendering of the Self Monitoring Scale. (This is distribute of a present lore design and so scores procure be chronicled, used, and perhaps shared delay other loreers. Any knowledge that could reasonably be used to confirm you procure not be shared.)

Raskin, R., & Terry, H. (1988). Narcissistic individuality inventory [Interactive configuration implement]. Retrieved from

This footing yields a self-fame gauge of narcissism and feedback environing one’s score.

Cuddy, A. (2012, June). Your collectiveness tongue shapes who you are [Video refine]. Retrieved from

This video demonstrates the concept of dominion posing. The bearing distribute of Cuddy's TED Talk is from 09:37 to the end. The unimpaired video is closely 21 minutes.

Discussion: Attitudes and Persuasion

Think environing one peculiar aspect you enjoy environing star relevant to you. Why do you meditate as you do? What has swingd the amplifyment of the aspect you enjoy inland this matter? What actions do you obtain?} owing of this aspect? What would it obtain?} to modify this aspect if you absenceed to? Is an attitudinal modify potential?

Attitudes are arrangeed and maintained in abundant ways. Collective psychologists enjoy premeditated how commonalty arrange their aspects for decades and from abundant perspectives. Why are loreers so spirited in aspect? For one fiction, your aspect typically swings your deportment. For in, aspects environing collective matters such as war, pigmy, accommodating hues, and so on, swing voting deportment. Advertisers undertake to originate aspects environing the fruits they are enigmatical to retail delay the farthest design of making capital for their clients. Belief is an undertake to modify an aspect. Collective operatives, advertisers, and others thoughtfully originate indulgent intimations to modify aspects and farthestly deportment.

For this Discussion, you explore intimations that you enjoy seen of-late and regard how they undertakeed to be indulgent in-reference-to aspect arrangeation or modify.

To prepare:

  • Read Chapter 7 in your continuity quotation, Social Psychology.
  • Relight the website, “Powers of Persuasion: Poster Art From World War II” to see ins of seed-plot intimations calculated to swing aspects.
  • Think environing a distributeicular indulgent intimation (i.e., a intimation that is indulgent to you or tries to be indulgent) you enjoy seen of-late in the media. It could be a collective intimation; a notorious advantage campaign; a commercial on television, radio, or online; a imimprint ad in a berth or communicateationpaper; or an op-ed element. Generally, the intimation should not be a communicateation romance if the communicateation romance is an external fame delay the eager to inarrange and not dispose.
By Day 3

Posta a petty designation of the ad/campaign/commercial/etc. and a designation of its intimation. Please yield an Internet associate to the intimation itself if that is where you establish it.  Who does the target auditory look to be? Then, employ what you enjoy skilled environing aspect arrangeation and aspect modify to the intimation. In other say, stir how the intimation uses aspect plea and knowledge environing how to arrange and/or modify aspects (or deportments) in its messaging. Be peculiar and yield ins.


  • In the matter sequence of your support, transcribe the matter, supporterity, or fruit addressed in the indulgent intimation.
  • Support the responses delayin your Discussion support, and in your ally replication, delay averment from the assigned Learning Resources.
  • You are required to exhaustive your judicious support anteriorly you procure be efficacious to light and suit to your ally's sustainings. After clicking on the “Post to Discussion Question” associate, selecteded “Create Thread” to originate your judicious support.
By Day 5

Respond to at last one of your ally’s Discussion enactment sustainings in one of the subjoined ways:

  • Ask a discriminating doubt, and yield apprehension into how you would defense your discriminating doubt and why.
  • Ask a discriminating doubt, and yield the establishation, or rationale, for the doubt.
  • Expand on your ally’s sustaining by assistance a new perspective or apprehension.
  • Agree delay a ally and volunteer appended (new) sustaining knowledge for regardation.
  • Disagree delay a ally by respectfully discussing and sustaining a divergent perspective.
Submission and Grading Information
Grading Criteria
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