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Group Project- Historical, knowledge, skills-building, macro-research, development, policy, and community action (100 points) Students will investigate and report on the role of social work in the following practice settings reviewed through the course: Family and Children Services, Mental Health, Health Care, Schools, Substance Abuse, Older Adult Services, Criminal Justice, Domestic Violence, Victims Services, and Developmental Disabilities. Integrate historical review and research on the agency to build knowledge skills-building. 

Through the weekly assignments involved in this project, students will gain a holistic approach to understanding and developing knowledge and application of social work skills implemented through the agency and across the ecosystem.

Weekly assignments (Week 5, 6, 7, and 8) will be submitted. APA formatting should be used for internal citations and references (minimum of 5) should be listed at the end of each page.  

You will submit the four separate parts of this assignment (as well as email your instructor) in the weeks outlined and linked below. 

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Weekly Assignments

Week 4: Exploratory research and Group Formation (0 points) – This Portion of the Project Was Due Earlier

Complete exploratory research on agencies that serve the population you may be interested in working with from the choices provided.

By Wednesday, please email the professor with an area of interest so that they may populate groups based on similar interest areas.

Students may self-select their group based on a common area of interest, please let the professor know to put you in a group.

Minimum of 3 and Maximum of 5 per group.

Provide group members names to the professor to create working group in CANVAS.

Your group must meet 4-5 times virtually or online (via zoom, in google docs, via group me, email, text, or by phone) to complete your group project.

Please note that if issues arise within your group, that earlier contact with your professor is better than later.



Week 5: General Historical and Theoretical Underpinnings of Agency (25 points) 

The history of social work in the practice setting.

Identification and Application of social work frameworks and theories in the practice setting.

Context shaping generalist practice in the setting with population served: demographics, culture, scientific and technology advances, social trends, and other service providers.

Historical Value and ethical dilemmas within the practice setting and how they have been addressed.

Due this Week – Submit Your Document Below


Week 6: Agency at the Micro and Mezzo Levels: Agency practice with individuals, families, and groups as well as community action and involvement and Job Description (25 points)

Provide found research on:

Roles for Social Workers in the setting

Context shaping micro and mezzo practices in the setting: demographics, culture, scientific and technology advances, social trends, and other service providers.

Evidence-based micro and mezzo practices

Micro and Mezzo value and ethical dilemmas within the practice setting, as well as Include values and ethical dilemmas related to the social work profession


Social Work Recruiter Exercise:

You are the Agency Director for the Social Service Agency already being researched and due to recently gaining a new grant, you will be able to hire three BSW Generalist Practice Social Workers. Write a one-page job description to attract the best qualified applicants.

Employment Description should include:

A brief historical perspective of the social work profession and its relationship to social justice and social welfare services. Your intentions are to show how a social worker is best suited to serve the agency’s clients.

Description of a Generalist BSW Social Worker including: educational criteria, professional skills, and adherence to NASW Code of Ethics.

Description of your agency’s micro, mezzo, and macro practice environment and the social issues placing your clients at high risk and need for services.

Self-awareness: Self-care and Diversity and Cultural competency

Salary and continuing education offered by your organization and opportunities and criteria for advancement.

Contact information for applicant’s and application materials required


Week 7: Macro: Development, Funding, Policy, and Outcome Evaluation and Reporting to Stakeholders, Evidence-Based Practice’s (25 points) 

Current social policy impacting the provision of social services.

Context shaping practice in the macro setting: demographics, culture, scientific and technology advances, social trends, and other service providers.

Include values and ethical dilemmas related to the social work profession through macro-level practice

Include values and ethical dilemmas related to the social work profession and public political ideologies and worldviews related to government-provided social welfare services in the practice setting


Week 8: Future Growth for the agency and recommendations for working toward the betterment of the population served (25 points) 

Follow for a day OR Attend 2 meetings with 2 key employees (one must be a BSW or MSW)

Develop a plan to advance current practice (relying upon research from week’s 5-7) for the betterment of the population served and advancement of social work practice within this setting across the micro, mezzo, and macro levels


Theoretical approaches, EBP’s, and outcome research

Funding and development, community involvement, and use of social workers in their unique position to work micro, to mezzo, to macro levels of practice

Macro-level: local, state, and federal level funding and policy advancements for the populations served as well as social work practice with this population.


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