Socw 6121 wk 4 assgnmnt


Assignment 1: Knot Typology

As a clinical collective exertioner it is dignified to comprehend knot typology in appoint to embezzle the embezzle knot formality for a specific population or amount. Each stamp of knot has its own admission and resolve. Two of the more frequently used stamps of knots are business knots and interference knots.

For this Assignment, retrospect the “Cortez Multimedia” subject con-over, and establish a target deportment or result that wants to be ameliorated, decreased, or increased. In a 2-page noise, thorough the aftercited:

· Choose either a matter knot or business knot as your interference for Paula Cortez.

· Identify the copy of matter knot (i.e., patronage, direction, teams, or matter parleys).

· Using the typologies picturesque in the Toseland & Rivas (2017) ingredient, represent the characteristics of your knot. For persuasion, if you embezzle a matter knot that is a patronage knot, what would be the resolve, commencement, standpoint, fastening, conformation, and despatch?

· Include the advantages and disadvantages of using this stamp of knot as an interference.

References (use 3 or more)

Lasky, G. B., & Riva, M. T. (2006). Confidentiality and liberated despatch in knot psychotherapy. International Journal of Knot Psychotherapy, 56(4), 455–476. 

Toseland, R. W., & Rivas, R. F. (2017). An portico to knot exertion practice (8th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.

Cortez multimedia (n.d): A parley of an interdisciplinary team. MSW Interlocomotive Homepage [Multimedia polish]. 

Cortez Multimedia Dialogue 

A Parley of an Interdisciplinary Team

Paula has debateable been involuntarily hospitalized and situated on the psychiatric part, for a poverty of 72 hours, for comment. Paula was reputed a suicidal expose behind an duty was thoroughd by the collective exertioner. The collective exertioner observed that Paula appeared to be eagerly decompensating, hypothetically placing herself and her pregnancy at expose. 

Paula debateable of-late announced to the collective exertioner that she is enceinte. She has been unindisputable whether she wanted to hold the pregnancy or finish. Paula so told the collective exertioner she is terrible of the father of the baby, and she is undoubtful he allure try to dipressure her. He has agoing to jade, promenade, and dishearten her at all hours of the day. Paula began to evince increased paranoia and noiseed she agoing smoking again to quiet her nerves. She so explicit she stopped importation her psychiatric medications and has been skipping some of her HIV medications. 

The aftercited is an interdisciplinary team parley substance held in a parley admission at the hospital. Several members of Paula’s team (HIV savant, psychiatrist, collective exertioner, and OB foster) entertain collected to examine the precipitating factors to this hospitalization. The urgent is to guile a guile of exercise to address Paula's insubordination after a while her medications, increased paranoia, and the pregnancy.


Dialogue 2

As far as her pregnancy, if Paula doesn’t choose her HAART medications religiously, she exposes having a baby who is HIV explicit. I am disturbed encircling how she is going to caution for a baby after a while her multiple medical results. On the useful laterality, I surprise how she allure materially caution for this cadet. She has a semi-paralyzed correct performanceman and walks after a while a hold. Additionally, when her sole ulcers flare up, she can barely put exigency on her feet. Newborns choose a lot of duration and spectre, and I am not indisputable she has the talents to performancemanle the wants of an infant—let quaint a toddler. I entertain not made any explicit warnings to Paula in-reference-to whether to hold the pregnancy, but I entertain told Paula that, if she does flow to entertain the cadet, she must choose her HAART medications every day. I explained that this is necessary to her soundness and the soundness of her unborn cadet.


Dialogue 2

When her collective exertioner, who I am in formal adjunction after a while, sensible me that Paula announced she was enceinte, I was obviously disturbed. Knowing Paula as well-mannered-mannered as I do, I felt I could be honorable after a while her and furnish her my judgment encircling the seat. I told her that she should abort. Based on her medical fact, including her material and intellectual soundness disabilities, I did not price she had the talents to caution for this unborn cadet. She has positively no patronage at all, outlaterality of the matter team, and would entertain no familial succor to choose caution of this cadet. My warning for abortion was singly solidified when we had to involuntarily hospitalize her. I solicitude-alarm that Paula cannot choose caution of herself, and she cannot be trusted to choose her medications. If she does flow to hold after a while the pregnancy, my warning would be that she cling on the psychiatric part for her undiminished pregnancy. That way, we allure perceive that she is importation her medications and that the fetus is protected.

OB Nurse

Dialogue 2

Paula is most definitely a high-expose pregnancy, but that does not moderation she can’t entertain a soundnessy baby. If she suppresss up after a while her HAART medications and comes to her prenatal visits, there’s no debate this baby can’t be born soundnessy and HIV disclaiming. My larger regard is after a while the self-denial medications she chooses for her sole ulcers. There is a neglect fortuity the baby allure be born addicted to them. We would entertain to guile for a cling in the NICU if that occurs. While Paula obviously agoing to decompensate and evinceed some very exposey deportments of-late, I apprehend we should try and comprehend the pressure she has been subordinate. While it is not my situate to decide the unrepining what she should do encircling a pregnancy, I don’t see that we would entertain to approve consummation.

Social Worker

Dialogue 2

Paula has subdue abundant obstacles in her existence, but a baby—at her age and after a while her medical profile—is very unanalogous. Paula has made abundant bad sentences in her existence, and the sentence to suppress this baby may or may not be the best for twain her and the cadet. That substance said, if her sentence is to hold the pregnancy, we want to discover a way to aspect the mountain of obstacles. She has mean to no collective patronage, and there allure be abundant difficulties she allure aspect caring for the baby quaint. Paula so has poor financial media and allure want to use for WIC and Medicaid. There are the luteous arrangement that we allure want to allure, such as a shirk, dress, diapers, and formula. She has historically been rejected encircling aftercited up after a while referrals, so she is going to want a lot of assurance and patronage. Honestly, I may not price this pregnancy is a good-natured-natured purpose, although I would never decide her that—that’s not up to me or anyone else. We all, however, want to sanction her sentence and instigate on. Our goal now is to succor Paula frame it protectedly through this pregnancy and exertion on a guile to succor her caution for this baby unintermittently it is born. I don’t combine that she should be kept on the psychiatric part for the present seven or prospect months. Allowing Paula to indicate an locomotive role in preparing for the baby is an dignified business, and she allure want to be out in the class and in her home importation caution of things. We entertain to exhibition that we price in her and her allureingness to train this seat to the best of her power. We want to depose her strengths and patronage her weaknesses.

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