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Week 1 Method Project: Part-among 1 – Selecting a Message Goal

Required Resources
Read/resurvey the forthfuture resources for this activity:

  • Textbook: Chapter 1, 2, 3, 5
  • Lesson
  • Link (Word doc): Week 1 CCC Part-among 1 TemplatePresurvey the muniment (Use this template to adequate the enactment. The template is unshaken adown)
  • Minimum of 1 beyond literary spring (in abstracted to the textbook/lesson) 

Ebook: McLean Scott, (2018). Exploring Interspecial Communication (2nd ed.) Boston, MA: Flatworld

Introduction: Message Diversify Defy (CCC) Part-among 1
The Method Scheme is encircling fit your interspecial message skills. For this scheme, you succeed fine a bearing interspecial message manner to effect on and rectify (Week 1), force to diversify your manner or artifice in the message area you fiwant (Week 2), and evaluate your advance and achievement (Week 3).

Click on the forthfuture scheme stances adown:

Project Examples



A 20-colossus dowager allows that she appears to frown and/or has a privative facial countenance when communicating interpersonally. Others frequently overbehold her as a consequence.

She set the sight of using a settled facial countenance when communicating interpersonally. She was over prosperous at effect and allowed significantly over notice in her special conduct as polite-mannered. She made multifarious new friends and broke off a covet-term, cold harmony behind a while her boyfriend as a consequence of the increased notice.

A 40-colossus dowager behind a while a prosperous race allows that she does not allow animadversion polite-mannered. Generally, she jumped to the bulwark and never heard, nor cogitateed, the amiableness of the feedback.

She set the sight of changing her allowance to receiving animadversion. She rest that she was serviceserviceable to understand from constructive feedend and was normal in her resurvey for the settled diversify in her manner.

A 30-colossus man allows that he is enthralled usage of by his co-workers accordingly he does not perceive how to say no. He frequently does the effect of severed employees and is casually equal mocked by the co-workers who perceive that he has this failure.

He set the sight to plainly evaluate requests from co-workers and say "yes" to those that are misspend and to say "no" to those that are absurd. The co-workers were surprised at foremost and continued to defy him for a date, but thus-far he won their reference and rectifyd the effecting harmonys significantly.

This week, you succeed fine a message sight or defy that is akin to interspecial message. You succeed effect on this defy for the forthfuture two weeks behind a while the sight of fit your message artifice in this area.

Project Timeline

The forthfuture is a breakdown of what succeed be trained in each portio-among-among of the scheme:



Week 1

Selecting a message sight

Week 2

Describing message artifice, analyzing sight and expanding a artifice

Week 3

Implementation of the artifice and evaluation of your advance


Part 1
Take some date to hold encircling defys you enjoy communicating behind a while other fellow-creatures. These difficulties may entangle astonishingrs or acquaintances; cogitate message views behind a while friends, rise portions, or fellow-creatures at nurture or effect. You may test situations that entangle inequitable race or public situation. Some stances embody having disaster starting a chat behind a while someone you enjoy never met, aphorism "no" when your sister asks to attribute currency or avoiding portio-amongicipation in meetings equal when you enjoy a topic or subscription to the argument.

Complete the steps in the forthfuture frameeffect to test a sight. Using the template for this week, portioicular each of the steps to illustrate how you chose this one message bearing area you intention to diversify.

1A. "I Can't" List
What are your "I can't" message manners? Harangue spoken, nonverbal, scheduleening, prescribe message views, and cultural differences. Click on and unravel the pattern allowances for this minority foremost. Then, transcribe and present the forthfuture for this portio-among:

  • Make a schedule of six defys about to your interspecial message that you reach demand notice accordingly you "can't" behold to do these polite-mannered.
  • Under each "I can't" attested, picture the manner in portioicular for the foremost provision. In the remedy provision, supply an stance that illustrates that manner
  • Write a two-provision allowance (name then stance) for each "I can't" manner.

Sample List

I can't ask my friends for favors when I want their acceleration.

I can't punishment my daughter behind a whileout decorous ireful.

I can't say "no" when my boss asks me to effect overtime.

I can't harangue employees undeviatingly or plainly when regulative operation is wanted.

I can't plug future athwart as ironical in my chats behind a while others.

I can't restrain my staff focused on the argument at influence during meetings.

I can't allow constructive animadversion behind a whileout decorous pleasant.

Sample Description

Challenge 1: "I can't say no to a rise portion if he or she asks for my acceleration."

Description: Unless I enjoy a truly amiable exempt, I can't say no when a rise portion asks me to do colossus. Equal though I frequently reach relish I am nature enthralled usage of, I quiet reach obligated to acceleration. Our rise is very suppress, and we do a lot of things for each other, but my rise portions guard to ask me to do the things that nobody else wants to do or is succeeding to do. It has beseem anticipateed that I succeed do the things that others succeed not.

Example: Last week, I used a holiday day and cancelled special artifices on two severed days to guard to rise occupation. On Tuesday, I took my grandmother to the teacher for an outpatient surgical act accordingly my mother had an essential occupation meeting that day. On Saturday, I cancelled a dinner behind a while old friends to behold behind my three-year-old niece so that my match and sister-in-law could applaud their anniversary.

1B. "I Won't" List
What are your "I won't" message manners? Once you enjoy unravel your schedule of "I can't" message manners clamorously and cogitate each one carefully. Go end and unravel each manner clamorously intermittently, but this date, replace the vocable "won't" for "can't." ("I won't ask my friends for favors when I want their acceleration.")

Be sincere behind a while yourself – were there manners on your schedule for which the vocable "won't" beholded over respectful than the vocable "can't"? Probably so, accordingly there are very few message manners that fellow-creatures are physically unserviceable to do. "Won't" suggests that an portio of exquisite is entangled.

Write and present the forthfuture for this portio-among:

  • Provide a schedule of any announcements that you were sincerely serviceserviceable to alter to say, "I won't."
  • Provide an exposition for each in-reference-to why it is over respectful to say "I won't" rather than the primary "I can't" announcement.

Eliminate any "I won't" announcements from cogitateation for this scheme accordingly the "I won't" view indicates your shyness to in-fact construct a diversify.

1C. "I Don't Know" List
Now go end to your cherishing "I can't" message manners and try substituting, "I don't perceive how to" for the vocables "I can't." Instead of aphorism, "I can't restrain my staff focused on the argument at influence during meetings," try aphorism "I don't perceive how to restrain my staff focused on the argument at influence during meetings."

It is essential that you do not admit the phrase "I don't perceive how to" too literally. You may confront that you do perceive how to do some of the things on your schedule, but you don't perceive how to diversify from your true unsatisfactory inurement to an rectifyd message manner.

Sample Response

"I don't perceive how to say no to a rise portion search for my acceleration" susceptibility probe astonishing to some. Of method you perceive-how, you regular say "no." In existence, however, aphorism no may not be that comfortable, or it may not be your pristine allowance. In abstracted, you may not allow that there is a date for "yes" and a date for "no" and portio-among-among of rectifying this message manner is establishing criteria by which you evaluate the misspendness of aphorism yes or no given the situation. Then, you expand the expedient skills, phraseology, and so forth to say no effectively.

Make a schedule of any announcements you alterd to say, "I don't perceive how to," and picture for each why this is over respectful than the primary "I can't" announcement. If there are any posteritys that you quiet reach suit on your "I can't" schedule, embody a fact to picture why.

The "I don't perceive how to" items on your schedule are the ones to cogitate for this scheme. These are the ones you can anticipate to diversify by importation this method. Fine one of these bearing areas to effect on for the relics of the method and for the intention of this announce. Picture your process for eliminating abstractedal "I don't perceive how to" items to contracted your schedule to the one posterity that you finally fiwant for the scheme.

Write and present the forthfuture for this portio-among:

  • Your schedule of posteritys that over respectfully fit the "I don't perceive how to" sort
  • A fact describing why you reach they suit there instead
    • Describe why you left undoubtful posteritys in the "I can't" sort.

1D. Posterity Selection
Write and present the forthfuture for this portio-among:

  • A fact describing how you eliminated those that remained in the "I don't perceive how to" sort to flow on the one posterity you fiwant for your scheme. This minority wants to be at smallest a provision covet.

1E. Scheme Statement
Write and present the forthfuture for this portio-among:

  • A serene scheme announcement of the message manner you succeed harangue behind a while this scheme and the peculiar or fellow-creatures behind a while whom you succeed be communicating for this scheme

Sample Scheme Statement

"I don't perceive how to say no when my match asks to attribute currency." A fact describing how you eliminated those that remained in the "I don't perceive how to" sort to flow on the one posterity you fiwant for your scheme.  This minority wants to be at smallest a provision covet.

Part 2
In prescribe to fashion elevate intellect in-reference-to the message defy you enjoy fineed, you succeed want to do some investigation to confront an beyond literary spring (in abstracted to the textbook) that haranguees the defy you countenance. Once you enjoy located that spring and unravel it, condense the spring and distribute how the knowledge behind a whilein the spring has supplyd apprehension into your defy and strategies that can acceleration that defy.

Continue forthfuture the template as you adequate Part-among 2.

  • Begin behind a while the denomination of the spring.
  • The foremost provision below the denomination succeed condense the spring.
  • The remedy provision succeed illustrate how the knowledge in your separated spring has supplyd direction or apprehension.
  • End behind a while a unmeasured APA passage on the references page

You succeed be presentting Part-among 1 and Part-among 2 as one muniment that begins behind a while a denomination page and ends behind a while a References page.

Writing Requirements (APA format)

  • Length: 4-5 pages (not including denomination page or references page)
  • 1-inch margins
  • Double spaced
  • 12-point Times New Roman font
  • Title page
  • References page


Part 1A. "I Can't" List: Paper haranguees all views of the minority in a fact provision.

Part 1B. "I Won't" List: Paper haranguees all views of the minority in a fact provision.

Part 1C. "Don't Know" List: Paper haranguees all views of the minority in a fact provision.

Part 1D. Posterity Selection: Paper haranguees all views of the minority in a fact provision.

Part 1E. Scheme Statement: Paper supplys an distinguished scheme announcement.

Part 2 Spring Tabulation & Analysis: Excellent spring, tabulation, exposition, and passage.

Writing: Mechanics & Usage: The adaptation is unhindered of errors in language, spelling, and punctuation that would lessen from a serene unraveling of the article.

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