System and Functional Data

Business Case

When a master suspects a enduring has an storder distinction they may classify frequent examinations, some of which authority not be the most misapply for that requisite. This software impression achieve fulfill the examinations misapply for storder requisites and get this counsel straightly to masters when they are classifying examinations for the enduring. This manner is purposed to emend enduring attention, and refer sign labors examination costs.


· To admonish the master when classifying examinations of those examinations most likely to be laboreffectual for germinative requisites which are strange

· To refer deficiencyless examinations

· To late immediately conquer results which can emend bloom through reducing examinations which are unreasoneffectual to afford advantageous results.

Out of Scope

Login, entrance, guard and retirement claimments are not addressed in this muniment, it is antecedent that any administration achieve bear misapply infrastructure to unite apportioneffectual claimments and consumer expectations.


This administration must be effectual to interface to the bloomattention clinical administration, unity government and if haply vigilant and alergy instruction.


Trigger Advice

When a clinician invades an classify, retrospect the administrations administrationatic for the administration and get direction. The administration should get direction, or if it is not operational should instruct the clinician that direction is not availeffectual when they login.

· Data

· Problem, temporary distinction of the enduring - this should be automatically availeffectual from the bloomrecord

· Age- of the enduring - this should as-well-mannered be availeffectual from the bloom annals

· Clinician - automatically getd from login instruction

· Rules - stored not enslaved for the singular

· Acquaintance - including sources and appliceffectual term links if misapply

· Premonition equalize (used to instruct and for the administration to regulate risk when counsel is ignored or acted athwart).

Provide Advice

Advice getd when the singular enduring precedence of grounds unite the administration atoms. The acquaintance is conquered from the stored instruction for each particular administrations. The counsel may be particular for a clinician (recognising that divergent clinicians may or may not deficiency the counsel getd to boundary premonition tire). From counsel the user should be effectual to prime examinations admonishd, and annals comments / actions (including by counsel).

· Data

· Counsel - examinations recommented, examinations optional, examinations proven to bear insignificant/no appreciate or risk

· Acquaintance atoms (so that the clinician can behold up late instruction to befriend after a while firmness making if deficiencyed.

· Action enthralled

Enter Rules

The power to invade new administrations is claimd to underpin the trigger of counsel. The administration should unfold stout administrations associated after a while the gross, temporary distinction to bring-about it easier not to image instruction.

· Data

· Administration identifier

· Requisite regulation (and germinatively instructions)

· Age Order Low

· Age Order High

· Age cast (day or year or month)

· Clinician

· Recommended examination/s

· Germinative examination/s (not recommended)

· Tests not recommended

· Acquaintance source

· Premonition Level

· Reference

· Last updated

· Received by.

Maintain administrations and acquaintance

Search for a administration - quest by requisite or by identifier

· Data

· Administration identifier

· Requisite regulation

Display of tallying administrations

Display of administrations that tally quest criteriaThis unfold shows all grounds, bestow and late for the singular. It moderations-of-supports questions such as bear you incessantly lived at…… From this aim you should be effectual to requite to quest criteria, prime a administration to alter Comment by Main Office HG: Note it would be late laboreffectual to use this quest for adding as polite-mannered-mannered as maintaining…..

· Data

· All grounds for the administration

· End of change

· Serviceeffectual end of change

· Rationale for change

Export of administrations and acquaintance

A smooth containing administrations and acquaintance should be effectual to be effected for clinical governance retrospect. Thhis should embrace all grounds held in the administrations and acquaintance administration

Export of actions enthralled to counsel

Ability to interrogation counsel enthralled to moderations-of-support mate retrospect.

Data Map

The allure map under indicates the purpose of grounds claimd to moderations-of-support this clinical firmness moderations-of-support administration.

Data Definitions

This administration achieve claim minute grounds restrictions for each grounds singular in the map. Three examples are getd short.

Patient Condition

This grounds atom dramatizes the indisposition or indispositions the enduring currently has.

Standards for this grounds atom halt spaciously by frequent indicates, distinction, gross etc. the subjoined plummets were retrospected for assistpower AIHW METeOR (the Australian Metagrounds Online Registry), HL7 FHIR, and OpenEHR Clinical Acquaintance Manager (CKM).

METeOR embraces restrictions of sign atoms such as main distinction, additional distinction. METeOR as-well-mannered embraces resemblances of medical requisite for dispower reporting, and embarrassment cepartment cling, main distinctione. These are very particular use requisites which do not assist clinical claimments. Grounds is dramatizeed using ICD which aggregates requisites and may not be particular abundance to unite the deficiencys for examination direction.

FHIR embraces a concept “condition” which is congruous to the claimments short but is not clear in atom and offers solely a specimen of the appreciate esay which could be used. This plummet does use SNOMED CT which is a assisteffectual regulation administration for resemblance of the concepts deficiencyed. The use of SNOMED CT AU grosss and distinction subset would be a assisteffectual appreciate esay (Code administration subset).

Definition: say of monstrous bloom of an singular requiring a examination to be effected to evaluate the influence, absence or cruelty of the requisite.

Note: this infomration is used to instruct tenor options for the enduring.

OpenEHR CKM embraces a polite-mannered-mannered specifyd throng of grounds atoms which rebestow requisite. See:

These restrictions bear been used as the account for Enduring Condition

Value Domain: SNOMED CT AU (coded appreciate) - Problem/Diagnosis Subset.

Recommended Test

This grounds atom dramatizes the examination or examinations which are ‘approved’ or recommended for this .

Standards for this grounds atom halt for defining examinations. These were evaluated to help as the account for this grounds atom. The subjoined plummets were retrospected for assistpower AIHW METeOR (the Australian Metagrounds Online Registry), HL7 FHIR, and OpenEHR Clinical Acquaintance Manager (CKM).


No assisteffectual resemblance was set. METeOR has frequent restrictions of examinations but each is specifyd as a unconnected grounds atom which would not apportion a general artfulness or ongoing implementation or moderations-of-support of the administrations or administration which claims a harmonious resemblance for any cast of examination. Not misapply for this use requisite.


The restriction in FHIR is polite-mannered-mannered clear from a technical perspetive but gets insignificant direction for its assemblage and use. The regulation administration used is LOINC which would assiste the use requisite polite-mannered.


A Examination embraces a spacious order of grounds atoms – in this precedence we are solely opposed to fulfill the particular examination. The particularation of examination indicate indicates that this singular can and should be regulationd using LOINC. The particularation embraces examination panels (groups of examinations effected concomitantly), this achieve assiste the use requisite of this functionality. Note tshort is a gross throng of grounds atoms availeffectual for this this requisite we are solely opposed to fulfill the particular examination or knot of examinations claimd.

OpenEHR CKM was clarified as it was late assisteffectual for the use requisite of explaining the grounds to be composed, the concept can be used in restitution after a while FHIR expedients when instruction modify occurse getd the appreciate set (regulation administration) remains the selfsame.

Definition: examination recommended to evaluate or instructor a enduring after a while this requisite.

Value Domain: LOINC

Approved by

This grounds atom indicates the identification of the organisation or singular who received these administrations for use.

Note: it is purposed that the administration use the social getr identifiers rather than imagine a new grounds atom to rebestow this instruction. By making this dainty it is not requisite to regulate the identifiers as this is produced socially.


The social identifiers for getrs and organisations are availeffectual and polite-mannered-mannered specifyd in METeOR, HL7 FHIR and OpenEHR CKM specify these identifiers generalally. Use of the METeor Restriction gets all the infomration claimd for practi al implementation.

Tshort is a gross that the singular getr identifier and the organisation identifier are two divergent identifiers. This achieve moderation that authorised by achieve be follow two divergent fields and at last one of these must be embraced.

Provider Organisation Identifier:

Definition: matchless identifier assigned to a swervice getr organisation (agency)

Provider Identifier – Healthattention singular getr identifier

Definition: perpetual identifier issued by a registration collectiveness to fulfill an singular labor getr.


· The administrations deficiency to be open and clinically sure. This achieve deficiency input from appliceffectual clinicians and sign labors experts. It would be unreal if the appliceffectual clinical professional bodies imagined and instructored the administrations for use for the gross state or late broadly.

· Determine the just order of the grounds atoms to be embraced.

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