Technology can be used by sales managers and sales executives to:

Question 1

Which of the subjoined is an copy of using political essential to succor expand a aggregation?

A) The HR overseer of a aggregation commissions new employees to staff a device that close growth wealth by 25%.

B) The CFO of a aggregation growths the budget of the inquiry and crop section so they can generate a emanation that close triple income in 18 months.

C) The CEO of a aggregation asks a adherent in the automotive assiduity to cut a aggregation-wide remittance on corporately-leased vehicles that saves the aggregation $500,000 a year.

D) The Sales Director of a aggregation institutes a prudence requiring all new salespeople to retinue after a while a elder salesindividual for six months precedently going out into the province alone.

Question 2

Technology can be used by sales overseers and sales executives to:

A) detain vestige of how salespeople are acting

B) align the sales section after a while the aggregation's band-arms statement

C) motivate individualal salespeople to create further sales calls

D) act insufficiency identification as distribute of the sales system

Question 3

Another promise for "channel" in the specialty "sales channel" is:

A. Order

B. Staff

C. method

D. website

Question 4

A director who spends most of her era communicating after a while the social about the aggregation and interacting after a while her employees to determine that they enjoy what they insufficiency to do their jobs, but who does not stipulate in planning of activities or employee goals is attractive in which of the Situational Director styles of directorship?

A. Directing 

B. Coaching 

C. Implementing 

D. Supporting

Question 5

What is a stipulation spanner in stipulations of sales ?

 A. An subject that replaces one trailing after a while another trailing 

B. An subject that crosses two trailings 

C. A individual who labors after a while two opposed organizations 

D. A individual who labors for one aggregation but contracts after a while another aggregation

Question 6

of the vulgar ethical issues salespeople enjoy after a while their customers, which one is juridical?

A. Kickbacks

B. misrepresentation

C. bribery

D. puffery

Question 7

Use of an electronic facts barter (EDI) rule is most embezzle for which kind of buying locality?

A. a new buy

b. a qualified re-buy

c. a nearest re-buy

d. facilitative

Question 8

CRM software differs from SFA software in that CRM software:

A. is hosted on the aggregation's servers so it can barely be accessed from on-site

B. has space for further customer touch archives

C. contains touch archives as courteous as emanation unfairations

D. connects to multiple rules so anything is integrated counter all sales channels

Question 9

According to economic assumption, sales overseers should commission as abundant salespeople as practictelling as desire as what?

A. until the communicate is saturated

B. until the salespeople arrive-at too fur race in the laborplace as befit dissatisfied

C. as desire as each salesindividual can hawk further than they consume the aggregation

D. as desire as the salespeople are closeing to labor for the hire offered

Question 10

A authoritative sales composition takes the sales system and

A. creates it easier by sardonic out distinct steps

B. codifies the system in CRM software

C. unifies it by exploration salespeople to utensil the emanations they hawk to customers

D. separates it into distinct steps, each preformed by a specialist

Question 11

The annual percentage of employees that liberty a aggregation, for whatever conclude, is named the:

A. affliction rate

B. turnover rate

C. inconstant rate

D. governtelling rate

Question 12

A retinueing duty determines:

A. how courteous the retinueing was conducted

B. how courteous the attendees retained what they versed in the retinueing

C. how things could be improved for the direct era

D. what topics insufficiency to be expert in a retinueing program

Question 13

Bloom’s cognitive/knowledge categories direct skills that all enjoy to do after a while message after a while and systeming: 

A. instruction.

B. dissection.

C. information.

D. emotions.

Question 14

What does “scholarship transplant” medium? 

A. Scholarship transplant is another specialty for scholarship concrete.

B. Scholarship transplant mediums that what is versed in a retinueing program is retained and then applied in the province.

C. Scholarship transplant mediums that the retinueer is telling to effectively transplant what is in his or acme into the minds of the salespeople in the retinueing.

D. A scholarship transplant is a character staffed after a while retinueers and all the equipment insufficiencyed to run a aggregation’s software and retinue salespeople on it.

Question 15

One noticeable summon for overseers of sales team is"

A. message after a while further than one salesindividual at a era

B. transitioning from a sales role to a overseerial role

C. determining how to satisfy the opposed members of the team equitably

D. judgment era to hawk to the overseer's own representations

Question 16

Output-based goals pause of:

A. the reckon of emanations a aggregation manufactures.

B. the hawking results a salesindividual is expected to close.

C. the sales forecasts for each unfair representation.

D. the activities a salesindividual acts to touch customers.

Question 17

Herzberg's Two-Factor Approach theorizes that two kinds of rewards insufficiency to be bestow for a salesindividual to be motivated. These two kinds are:

A. concept and system.

B. stiff and rough.

C. motivation and hygiene.

D. melting and logistical.

Question 18

Managers who perceive McClelland's Needs Approach close confer their salespeople rewards that amalgamate which of the subjoined aspects?

A. Aachievement, remembrance, and money

B. Aachievement, blight, and power

C. Mmoney, remembrance, and power

D. Knowledge, skills, and attitudes

Question 19

Workers from the Mature lifeopportunity are motivated by:

 A. pliant era.

B. collaborative labor proofs.

C. instiff message.

D. i-elation, proof, and stiffity.

Question 20

A inconstant that predicts what close bechance after a while the sales of another emanation is referred to as that emanation's:

A. hanging.

B. forerunner.

C. inherent indicator.

D. tender middle.

Question 21

The assist step in the CDI system, which creates the facts beneficial to others, involves:

A. muster the facts initially.

B. analyzing the facts after a while software.

C. creating forecasts.

D. cleaning and formatting facts to aggregation naming and categorizing standards.

Question 22

The assiduity-wide sales expected for a sure emanation for a sure era bound is are named:

A. aggregate wealth.

B. communicate possible.

C. communicate reduce.

D. net returns.

Question 23

A pipeline dissection shows: 

a. how abundant emanations are currently nature manufactured

b. where customers are at opposed stages of the sales system 

c. how abundant collected calls a salesindividual made in the earlier bound

d. what the salesperson's aggregate wealth was for the earlier bound

Question 24

The four-factor pattern is a single-minded and accomplished way to get a snapshot of

a. how the intercommunity among input measures and output measures labors

b. the aggregate disembodiment of the sales force

c. two essential input activities and how they interact after a while two essential output activities

d. four measures after a while no mutuality to each other

Question 25

A low composition amelioration is one in which

A. there are abundant unspoken messages

B. Speakers mould their promises after a while conventions such as "if God grants it"

C. non-unrecorded message is further continual than unrecorded message

D. promises medium what they medium

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