To create a simple system to purchase tickets for an upcoming dmwt

Based on your numerous product at Creative Genius Web Design, your director has assigned you to a new device to engender a elementary classification to alienation tickets for an upcoming DMWT alumni occurrence. Many interactive web predicaments use JavaScript to empower dynamic pleased and augment a user’s experiment using the web predicament.

Below are some wardshot effigys of what your occurrence registration classification should appear approve when sumd. These are wardshots - The effigys are not clickable.

Figure 1: Occurrence Registration Web page

device 1 effigy 1

This is a screenshot - The effigy is not clickable


Figure 2: Error When Putting Feeble Calculate of Tic


This is a screenshot - The effigy is not clickable


Figure 3: Submission Vigilant When Clicking "Purchase Tickets" 

device 3 aspect 3

This is a screenshot - The effigy is not clickable


Figure 4: Alert When Timer Has Expired

device 3 aspect 4

This is a screenshot - The effigy is not clickable
Project Components
A sum occurrence registration classification must characteristic the aftercited components on the HTML web page:

  1. A countdown ager giving the user 10 minutes to sum the occurrence, including the calculate of tickets they eagerness to alienation, their resolveate, and their email harangue.
  2. Ability to alienation among 1 and 3 tickets.
  3. A caution showing the user the sum demand to alienation the tickets
  4. Interactive resolve characteristics that get described mistake missives and visual cues when the user has entered insum or incorrect counsel Functionality
A sum occurrence registration classification must get the aftercited businessality:

1. JavaScript mode after a whileout of any businesss (Don’t put this businessality amid a JavaScript business:

(a) Create a countdown ager that accomplish run for 10 minutes from the general age, exposeing solely the calculate of minutes and exceptions left. When exposeing a calculate of seconds close than 10, execute assured you prepend a “0” so that the age is makeatted truly (Hint: Use an if proposition).

(b) As each second elapses update the age cherishing the user sees on the ward.

(c) Once the ager runs out, disencumbered the ager so that it bungs ordinary, expose an vigilant to the user their ager has expired, and redirect the user end to the corresponding page (Hint: Use colony.href to acceleration after a while this).

2. JavaScript businesss (Most approvely two or three businesss) for the aftercited items:

Item #1: Calculate Total
(a) Calculate the sum (using a fixed-format after a while a $ and two decimal places) established on a calculate of tickets alienationd.

(b) Permake substantialation to execute assured the user has entered in a esteem that is a calculate for the calculate of tickets and the calculate is among 1 and 3 (Hint: Use the isNaN() business to mention if user register is not a calculate).

(c) Add an mistake missive contiguous to the input ground when an feeble calculate of tickets has been entered and diversify the endground perversion of the input ground to acceleration vigilant the user.

(d) Expose the ability to see the contactInformation exception of the webpage when a substantial calculate of tickets has been entered. Hide the contactInformation exception of the webpage when a substantial calculate of tickets has not been entered.

Item #2: Sum Purchase
(a) Permake substantialation to execute assured the user entered in a esteem for twain resolveate and email.

(b) Add an mistake missive contiguous to the input ground when either a resolveate or email has not been entered and diversify the endground perversion of the input ground to acceleration vigilant the user.

(c) If no mistakes in the input were build, get an vigilant to the user thanking them for their alienation after a while the sum equality of the alienation, and bung the ager. Otherwise, permit the user to endure to execute diversifys until they entertain getd substantial counsel.

Extra Hint:You accomplish be changing the endground perversion for a calculate of unanalogous grounds, depending on if an mistake has occurred or not. Consider making a business that permits you to ignoring in a ground id and whether or not an mistake occurred to recognize what perversion to diversify the endground perversion to. By doing this, the business can be designated often instead of having to unintermittently re-write the mode wanted to do this in your separation. Requirements
The zipped smooth immovable to this provision gets the folder organization that is demandd for this device. Instructions for how to unzip the smooth on a PC or a Mac can be build at Individual smooths entertain so been getd.

Do not execute any modifications to the HTML or CSS smooths getd. You solely want to deviate the occurrence_registration.js smooth. Points accomplish be deducted for deviateing the HTML or CSS smooths.

Use // to instrument your JavaScript mode by providing comments that interpret the resolve of all lines of mode you write Requirements
Please sum the aftercited to you Assignments Folder:

  1. Host your producting occurrence registration classification online using the Nova Server
  2. Submit the HTML and JavaScript smooths you used to engender the webpage to your device Assignments Folder
  3. Write a Device Reflection (see cognomen under) Reflection
Answer the aftercited questions when you yield your provisions smooths. Each question’s response must entertain a incompleteness pleased extension of 50 articulation.

  1. What instrument did you use to mention what kind of JavaScript was wanted? Include all of the favoring URLs you used and what you build at each URL
  2. What process did you use to engender your occurrence_registration.js smooth? Describe what you did to engender the mode you yieldted in the provision. Be favoring!
  3. What issues or challenges did you countenance completing this device? If you move you did not countenance any issues or challenges in completing this device, what issues or challenges do you conceive someone new to JavaScript influence countenance in completing this device?
  4. Describe another scenario that could use what you literary in completing this device. Be favoring!
  5. If you could abandon a sorcery wand and diversify celebrity about this device, what would you diversify and why? If you do not deem everything should be diversifyd, interpret why you conceive this is the event.

Please yield your Device Reflection as a Microsoft Word instrument or sound observation and paste your answers in your Assignments Folder's passage box when you yield your provision along after a while the security of the demandd device smooths. Validation
Your pages should substantialate after a whileout mistakes using the W3C HTML Markup Validation Service at

How to do this:

  1. Publish your pages to Nova
  2. Go to the W3C substantialator and paste in the URL to your protest.html page
  3. Select the cohibit button Resources
This provision accomplish demand you to add what you entertain literary interacting after a while the DOM and performing make substantialation for luck. The links under highlight favoring concepts and topics that you accomplish want to gather in ordain to sum this provision luckfully.

  1. Types of Mouse Events
  2. Targeting IDs
  3. Targeting and Altering HTML
  4. Setting Style Properties for HTML Elements
  5. Getting and Passing Attributes
  6. Working after a while Numbers in JavaScript  
  7. Creating a Countdown Timer
  8. Date Reference
  9. JavaScript Window Location
  10. JavaScript NaN (Not a Number) Property Your Assignment
To sum this device and assent-to generous confidence, you must yield your sumd introduction to your Assignments Folder unclose you attack problems--discussed aloft).


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