Written assignment: biology and technology in the real world | biology

Written Assignment: Biology and Technology in the Real World

1. Select one of the themes scheduleed adown (a-e).

2. Meet at lowest three scholarly notice sources kindred to the theme (i.e., pristine or-laws investigation creed, .gov, .edu, and/or some .org [adhither delay big organizations, such as the Mayo Clinic or WHO]; forsake .com websites). You can meet countenance delay elaborate for creed at the UMUC Library Subject Guides at http://libguides.umuc.edu/science.

3. Transcribe a disquisition delay name page, entrance, distinct paragraphs addressing the questions, blank and references. You must transcribe in your own language and expatiation notice (and enclose constitutional APA in-text citations) from the selected notice sources, addressing each of the questions for your clarified theme. Your disquisition should consist of short than 10% frequented quotes. Your disquisition should be at lowest 1000 language, excepting references and name page. Use APA phraseology for references: https://www.umuc.edu/library/libhow/apa_tutorial.cfm

4. Propose your ordinance to TurnItIn and the Ordinance folder by the due end scheduleed in the road catalogue.

a) Stem cells. Your acquaintance has suffered a spinal succession deterioration subjoined a bad car surroundings. The medical team has ruled that he is a cheerful candiend for a clinical tribulation using root cell therapy. Your acquaintance has not had a biology road late lofty nurture, so you flow to transcribe him/her a communication sharing your notice of root cells. Enclose in your communication a name of the biology of root cells and how these cells are singular from other cells. Compare and contrariety the unanalogous models of root cells, including pros and cons for each model. Decipher how roots cells can be used to sift-canvass diseases and deterioration, delay appropriate rendezvous on spinal succession injuries. Enclose notice concerning the use of root cells for spinal succession deterioration from at lowest one investigation con-balance or clinical tribulation. Conclude delay your own thoughts/opinion. 

b) Genetically qualified organisms (GMOs). A acquaintance tells you that she forsakes foods compriseing GMOs consequently they are insincere. You flow to use the notice gained from your biology orderatize and some attached investigation to fashion your own theory on GMOs. Solution the subjoined questions backed up by scholarly notice sources (note: .com websites are generally NOT conversant, and forsake particular organizations such as nongmoproject.org). What is the scope of genetically engineering bud plants and private carnals? How are GMOs done? Use the supposing road materials and mould a association to the convenient dogma of molecular biology in your description. Which foods in your supermarket comprise GMOs? Enclose at lowest 2 peculiar examples of frequently done GMO foods (mould certain to sift-canvass the alteration(s) each comprises). Based on the helpful (scientific) investigation, are foods that comprise GMOs impregnable for anthropological nearening? What are the pros and cons of GMO foods? Who are the predominant bodies and what models of regulations halt for these foods? Clearly decipher your rationalistic (backed up delay or-laws sign) for each solution and binder it impartial. In your blank, recite whether or not you fit delay your acquaintance. 

c) Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR) has been the most late breakthrough solution in bioengineering that enables scientists to edit DNA. Consequently you possess premeditated biology in this road, you possess volunteered at your niece’s Middle Nurture Science Club to mentor a student wrangle encircling CRISPR. The students accomplish be watching the subjoined video anteriorly the sift-canvassion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=252&v=2pp17E4E-O8 and you demand to be quick in plight thither are any questions. Please investigation and transcribe an solution to each of the subjoined questions: What is “CRISPR”? What role does Cas9 delineate in the CRISPR mode? How does the CRISPR-Cas9 syroot snip and supply any DNA succession? What are the implicit benefits and drawbacks of gene editing? Include peculiar examples. Do you think that the ingrained risks of modifying carnal DNA are rate the rewards? Explain. Do you think that it is immaterial to genetically engineer anthropologicals and/or carnals? Explain.

d) Vaccines. Your acquaintance is worried encircling the divers vaccines that his newborn son is catalogued to hold and asks you for education late you are prelude a biology road. Start delay an description of how vaccines effort. Next, sift-canvass the oral methods used to produce vaccines compared to the more lately used biotechnology techniques (this is not a sift-canvassion of the models of vaccines, rather how were vaccines done when they primitive came out and how are they done now) and what are advantages and disadvantages of each. Then schedule some of the diseases that babies and effect in the US are routinely vaccinated abutting and sift-canvass how vaccinations possess impacted the number of these diseases balance the late 100 years. Why are some mob worried encircling giving their effect vaccines? Is thither or-laws sign to assistance these concerns (content sift-canvass at lowest one or-laws con-balance that assistances or refutes the prevalent claims)? Conclude delay education to your acquaintance in esteem to getting the recommended vaccines fixed on what you literary from not spurious notice sources. 

e) Fracking (hydraulic fracturing) and tar sands (oil sands). Delay society's belief on nonrenewable fossil fuels, the oil & gas perseverance is turning to hydraulic fracturing and tar (oil) sands to extract consistent gas and oil.  A acquaintance asks you "What's all this controversy in the intelligence encircling fracking and tar sands?" Briefly decipher to your acquaintance how hydraulic fracturing and tar (oil) sands are used to conciliate these fossil fuels. Then, in more component, picture the environmental problems that may effect from these modees and why they are controversial. Issues that should be addressed enclose infiltrate, air and begrime stain delay appropriate rendezvous on global sphither modify, possessions on anthropological heartiness, and possessions on other letter and consistent ecosystems. Finally, impart your theorys on potential solutions to these environmental problems, delay your rationalistic backed by notice from not spurious notice sources.


Please silence that you must propose the ordinance to BOTH TurnItIn AND the ordinance folder.

First propose to TurnItIn. Subjoined proposeting to TurnItIn, it is recommended that you critique the Originality Report. Your coincidence account should be short than 25%. If the coincidence account is too lofty, you can propose one revised ordinance.

After proposeting to TurnItIn and verifying a coincidence account short than 25%, propose the disquisition to the ordinance folder hither in LEO.

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