Best Python Projects: The Perfect Guide for Students

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Python is one popular programming language. Python can be used to develop various projects. In this article, we will focus on the best python projects that students can come up with for the success of their academic life. We at, will offer the perfect guide for your python projects.

Python Project Ideas for Beginners

  1. Mad Libs Generator

Working with the Mad Libs Generator is one of the most acceptable ways to begin experimenting with your hands-on Python projects for students. This is the perfect project for those just getting started in software programming. With this python project, you will learn how to work with user-inputted data, focusing chiefly on strings, variables, and concatenation. The way the program is designed, users will be prompted to enter a series of inputs that will be interpreted as a Mad Lib. One of the projects for beginners in Python is mad lib.

  1. Number Guessing

This is one of the straightforward Python projects, but it’s still interesting. You may even refer to it as a minigame. Beginners will particularly benefit from this project. Create software that allows the computer to select a number randomly from 1 to 10, 1 to 100 or any other range. Give users a tip so they can determine the number. The user receives another clue and loses points for each incorrect guess. Multiples, division, higher or lower numbers, or any combination could be the clue.

Number Guessing Python project

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In this Python project, you will also require functions to compute the difference between the inputted number and the guessed number, compare the two, and determine whether a real number was entered or not. This Python project idea’s primary goal is to introduce newcomers to the fundamentals of coding.

  1. Text-based Adventure Game

alphabet image e1664789703341

This is an entry-level Adventure game. It is solely a text-based system. Users can navigate around many rooms inside a single set in this game version based on user input. It will provide descriptions for each location. One of the more intriguing introductory Python projects is this one. It’s important to note that users can only move in specific directions within the rooms. You should also place mobility limitations and include a tracker that can track how far a player has walked or moved throughout the game. Python projects on your CV will make it look much more intriguing than other resumes.

  1. Dice Rolling Simulator

dice jpeg e1664788487562

As implied by the program’s name, we shall simulate rolling dice.

One of the intriguing Python projects will produce a random number each time the software rolls the dice, and the user is free to do it as often as he likes.

The computer application will provide a random number between 1 and 6 when the user rolls the dice (as on a standard dice).

After then, the user will see the number displayed. It will also ask users if they want to throw the dice again. The program should also include a function that may randomly select and print a number between 1 and 6. You can learn basic coding concepts and programming principles by working on this python project for beginners.

  1. Hangman

It’s more like a guess-the-word game with this. While creating this project, you must employ the following fundamental concepts: variables, random, integer, strings, char, input and output, and boolean. Users must submit letter guesses in the game, and each user is given a set number of guesses (a counter variable is needed for limiting the guesses). The Hangman is one of the most strongly advised projects for beginners in learning Python.

Users can choose terms from a pre-arranged list of words you can generate. Additionally, you must implement particular routines to verify whether a user has submitted a single letter or if the input letter is in the hidden word, to determine if the user has entered a single note, and print the relevant results (letters).

  1. Contact Book

One of the best Python projects for beginners is this one. Everybody keeps their contact information in a contact book, such as name, address, phone number, and even email address.

The main goal of this project is to utilize Python to create a contact book where users may examine all of their connections’ details, add new contacts, update or delete existing contacts, and so on. This one is one of the best Python project ideas for beginners to improve their mastery of the programming language.

You will create a contact book program for the command line that users may use to save and locate contact information. Users should be able to list saved contacts, edit contact information, and delete contacts using the program. The best platform for storing contacts is the SQLite database. Beginning with a project in Python can help you get your career off to a strong start.

  1. Email Slicer

One of the valuable Python projects that will be very useful in the future is this one.

Users must construct a program to extract the username and domain of the email to create an Email slicer in Python. Even better, you may add your customizations and include this information in a message sent to the host. Although it is a straightforward project idea, it is essential for improving your coding abilities.

  1. Binary search algorithm

To accomplish this, this application uses a binary search technique. You may list random numbers between 0 and 100, with each number differing by two from the one before it.

The application will check to see if a random number entered by the user is on the list.

binary image e1664789468818

It will accomplish this by splitting the list in half. The computer will eliminate the opposite half of the list if it locates the number in the first half and vice versa. The search will go on until the user-inputted number is found or the sub-array size is set to 0. (this means that the number is not in the list). Using this Python project idea, you may build and implement an algorithm that looks for an element in a list.

  1. Desktop Notifier App

Ever ponder how alerts operate? This simple Python project idea will help to clarify the situation.

The desktop notification software runs on your computer and sends you information after a predetermined time. To create such an application, we advise you to use libraries like notify2, requests, etc.

  1. Python Story Generator

Did you believe that random sampling was the most challenging approach to using a random module in Python? This notion couldn’t be more false. Using the random module, it is also feasible to develop stories that go above and beyond.

Every time the user runs the program, the goal is to generate a new story. There won’t be much difference in the input, but the plot will always remain the same. This fascinating yet challenging Python project will help novices build confidence in the language.

In essence, the application will request user input, such as the name of a location, an action, etc., and then create a narrative based on the information.

  1. YouTube video downloader

Working on a YouTube video downloader is one of the most acceptable ways to begin exploring your hands-on Python projects for kids. This is the best illustration of how to teach Python to novices in an enjoyable way. Every month, more than one billion individuals watch YouTube. We occasionally like to download specific videos permanently. YouTube does not provide that option, but you can develop an application that allows you to download YouTube videos in various file types and video quality. This project appears complex, but once you get started, it is simple.

  1. Python Website Blocker

Many undesirable websites continue to pop up as we browse the internet. You create a program that prevents annoying websites from appearing while working on this practical Python project. As new Python users learn the basics, making such programs will enhance their confidence. Students who wish to study without being distracted by social media and those who do not want to have their work interrupted by unwelcome websites can benefit from this program. Your resume will look much more fascinating than others if it includes this kind of Python project.

  1. Spin a Yarn

Since strings are significantly more complicated to play with at first, things get more intriguing here.

The user is first asked to enter several inputs by the application. These could be a proper noun, a preposition, an adjective, etc. Once all the information is ready, they are concatenated and added to a pre-made tale template. The entire tale is written out in the end for your perverse enjoyment.

  1. What’s the word?

This name emphasizes that the user must guess the word that is generated at random. You can establish a limit on the number of guesses permitted and a list from which the word must be selected.

After that, you can establish your own rules. You can specify whether or not the printed alphabet will appear in this specific location when the user inputs the word. You will require a method to determine if the user is entering letters or numbers and to display the necessary error messages.

  1. Rock, Paper, Scissors

Five minutes of computer-based rock-paper-scissors, created by you, will lift your spirits if you’re sick of being alone and bored.

Here, too, we make use of the random function. The program doesn’t move until you do; it moves after you do. You can enter a complete string or only one alphabet to signify the motion. Setting up a function to verify the move’s legality will be necessary.

The winner of that round is determined by using another function. After then, you can provide the chance to play again or specify an advanced number of moves. Developing a scoring mechanism that returns the winner at the conclusion will also be necessary.

  1. Leap it!

You input a year and determine whether it is a leap year or not in this Python app. To achieve this, you must develop a function that can attempt to fit the inputted year into the pattern of leap years. Finally, you may use a boolean expression to print the outcome.

To complete this project, python operators and if-else statements must be well-understood. Therefore, it is ideal for Python experts seeking practical experience in creating their Python projects.

  1. Find out, Fibonacci!

You enter a number, and the generated function determines whether or not it is a part of the Fibonacci sequence. The ‘Leap it!’ program mentioned above has identical fundamental principles at play.

The preceding projects all share the trait of assisting you in getting your fundamentals correct. Both the developer and the bug fixer will be you. Not to add that you’ll also be working with variables, strings, numbers, operators, etc., as well as writing and implementing various functions. These principles are the foundation of your understanding of mathematics, much like 2 + 2 is, and learning about them in a fun way through building python projects can help you comprehend and recall them more.

Python Project Ideas at Intermediate Level

  1. Calculator


Although a calculator isn’t handy, creating your graphical UI calculator can help you become more accustomed to a library like Tkinter, where you can create buttons to carry out various operations and show results on a screen.

  1. Countdown Clock and Timer

Another useful app that lets you set a timer and receive notifications when it expires is this one.

This helpful tool aids in expanding one’s understanding of Python programming. In this intermediate-level project, the scripts will quickly gather the input matching the countdown’s duration. Following input, the countdown will start and display on the screen in the format “minutes: seconds.”

  1. Random Password Generator

One of the most well-liked Python programming project concepts is this one. Online security is crucial in the modern world, where everything is done online. Our accounts are shielded from being hacked or exploited by passwords. Coming up with a strong password and keeping it in mind is a laborious process. You can create a program that asks the user for a few phrases and then uses those words to produce a random password. With the aid of the terms he provided as input, the user can recall the password.

  1. Random Wikipedia Article

This program is both challenging and simple. A random article is pulled from a search of Wikipedia by the program. The user is then prompted to decide whether to read the article or not. If the response is affirmative, the content is displayed; a different, arbitrary report is shown.

This project suits intermediate-level developers who want to advance their careers by writing innovative and challenging Python programs.

  1. Reddit Bot

reddit image

One of the best Python project suggestions for beginners is this one. Reddit is a valuable platform, and many people want to spend as much time online as possible. You may create a bot to scan subreddits and report on any applicable content it finds. Redditors will benefit from the time savings and information provided by it.

  1. Python Command-Line Application

Python is renowned for producing excellent command-line programs. You can develop a program to assist you in sending emails to other people. The application will request your login information and the email’s contents before sending the data via your provided command line.

  1. Alarm Clock

One of the intriguing Python project ideas is this one. People use alarm clock applications all over the world. An intermediate developer can easily use this Command Line Interface (CLI) Python program. This idea isn’t your typical alarm clock, either. You may construct this program to read a text file that contains YouTube links that you enter. The alarm clock will randomly select a YouTube link from the text file and start playing the YouTube video when you specify.

  1. Tic-Tac-Toe

Don’t we all remember playing Tic-Tac-Toe with our friends in school? All you need is a pen and paper to play one of the most enjoyable games you can find anywhere! Two people can typically play Tic-Tac-Toe at once. The players make a 33 grid. One of the best Python project ideas is this one.

While the second player will place an “O” in any square, the first player will place an “X” in any square. Each player will alternately place X and O in each square throughout the process.

The winner is the player who successfully lines up three successive Xs or Os on the grid in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal pattern.

The Pygame library can be used to develop this project. All the modules required for computer graphics and sound are included in Pygame.

  1. Steganography

Steganography is the art of concealing a hidden message in another type of media, such as a picture or video or hiding a message in code. You can make a program that safeguards the messages hidden behind images. This Python coding project can quickly encode and decode photos. It is suitable for hopefuls at the entry level who want to improve their coding abilities.

  1. Currency converter


You may create a straightforward GUI application using Python. As the name implies, you will construct a currency converter that can change one unit of currency into another, such as the Indian rupee into the pound or the euro.

The design of this application will be straightforward – the main focus should be the primary function, that is, converting currency units from one to another. You can use Tkinter, the standard Python interface to the Tk GUI toolkit shipped along with Python.

  1. Post-it Notes

You can easily remember to complete small tasks by writing them down on Post-it notes. We’ll create a digital equivalent of this project’s actual, sticky post-it notes. This application’s primary objective is to enable users to carry their post-it notes wherever they go (since it is on a digital platform).

An option for account creation, various post-it note styles, and a categorization tool that enables users to divide their notes into groups should all be included in the app. Django might be a good option for this project because it has built-in user authentication.

  1. Site Connectivity Checker

A site connectivity checker’s responsibility is to visit a URL and show the URL’s status, whether the URL is active or not. Site connection checkers typically see URLs regularly and report the results. Similar to that project, this one will verify whether URLs are dynamic. One of the intriguing Python projects for beginners is the site connectivity checker.

For this program, you must write all of the code from scratch. You can choose between TCP or ICMP for your connections. You can add commands that let users add and remove URLs from the list of URLs they want to verify using the click, docopt, or argparse frameworks.

  1. Directory Tree Generator

It is simpler to comprehend where files and folders should be located when you can see the relationship between them using a directory tree generator. To list the files and folders inside a given directory for this project, use the os library. For this project, the docopt or argparse frameworks are useful tools.

Python Project Ideas at the Advanced Level

  1. Speed Typing Test

Let’s get started with some beginner-friendly advanced Python projects. Do you recall the previous version of Windows XP’s typing test game? You may develop a program that measures your typing speed. Using a library like Tkinter, you must first construct a user interface.

Create a fun typing test, showing the user’s speed, accuracy, and words per minute. The program’s source code is also accessible online.

  1. Content Aggregator

There are many websites, articles, and resources on the internet. It is difficult to search through each of them while trying to find something. You can develop a content aggregator that automatically browses well-known websites in search of pertinent content, compiles all of the content, and allows users to select the stuff they want. It is incredibly similar to Google but impartial. And you should use this concept for your subsequent Python project.

  1. Bulk File Rename/ Image Resize Application

This complex assignment requires you to be knowledgeable in machine learning. We’ll show the program how to pre-process data before doing a few images resizing and renaming chores. The program may handle multiple bulk functions as it begins to learn.

  1. Python File Explorer

This is an important project since it will test your understanding of the various Python principles. You must create a program that anyone can use to browse the files on their computer.

You can also include functions like copy-and-paste and searching. Tkinter is an excellent choice for this project because it makes creating GUI apps quick and straightforward.

  1. Plagiarism Checker

One of the most successful online companies is content creation. There isn’t a free program available on the market that can be used to detect plagiarism in documents. Create software that scans the first few pages of Google and tests for plagiarism using the Google search API and a natural language processing library.

  1. Web Crawler

An automated computer script, a web crawler browses the internet and saves the content of a specific webpage. A web crawler is one of the most useful Python applications for finding current information. For such an application, you must employ the multi-thread concept. You can use Scrapy or Python’s request module to create the crawler bot. Python’s open-source web crawling framework was designed specifically for online scraping and data extraction using APIs.

  1. Music Player

Everyone enjoys listening to music, and you may make your music player application. Your software may browse your file folders and look for music in addition to playing music. Creating an interactive interface that regular users may use is one of the creative Python projects you might encounter.

The app’s user-friendly interface will let users navigate between music, adjust the volume, and see the song, artist, and album names. This project will focus on the fundamentals of Python programming, database administration, algorithm development, and data processing.

  1. Price Comparison Extension

This might be a fun and practical Python project idea. You can develop a program that, like Trivago, looks up a product’s pricing on a few reputable websites and then displays the best offer. As many firms got their start with this little program, it is a convenient program.

This extension can be used for office supplies, groceries, etc.

  1. Expense Tracker

An expenditure tracker, as the name suggests, is software that enables you to keep track of your spending and even evaluate them. You will create a straightforward expense tracker for the user in this Python project.

One of the popular Python projects, expenditure tracker, should be able to perform statistical analysis to provide users with precise insights into their expenses to better plan their spending. This application’s interface can be made using PySimpleGUI, and Python libraries like Pandas and Matplotlib can also be helpful resources for the task.

  1. Regex Query Tool

Standard search tools may fail to provide the relevant results for particular questions.

A Regex Query Tool is what you need in such circumstances. A regex is simply a collection of strings; therefore, when you enter a query into this tool, it will verify that it is valid.

The user is alerted by highlighting every pattern that matches if the regex can match patterns in the user-entered text query. One of the popular Python projects, the Regex Query Tool, enables users to instantly verify the accuracy of their regex strings on the Web, greatly facilitating search operations. Python’s re library is the ideal tool for executing the query strings on the user-inputted data.

  1. Instagram Photo Downloader


This app would automatically download all of your friends’ Instagram photos. This is one of the valuable Python projects because Instagram is expanding daily, and it is quite similar to the command line software mentioned above in that it uses your login information to open your account before searching for your friends’ IDs and downloading their photographs. This program might be helpful when users wish to erase pages and save only pictures.

  1. Quiz Application

One of the most interesting Python project ideas to develop is this one. This is a typical quiz application that asks users a series of questions that have been carefully selected, allows them to respond to those questions, and displays the correct answer if they get it wrong. Each test will show the user’s ultimate result. The application will offer a feature for creating accounts that will allow some users to be designated as administrators.

For other users, these administrators can design tests. The exams and quizzes are continuously updated in this way. This program needs a database to store all of the users’ questions, answers, and scores. Additionally, you can add features like test timers.

  1. Clickomania Game

Project Idea – To play the game Clickomania, you must click on groups of boxes of the same color.

To win, remove every box from the board. The objective is to remove as many packages as you can.

  1. Python Battleship Game

The Project Idea is, the command line can be used to play the battleship game.

The plan is to construct a square matrix with just zeroes, after which we will randomly deploy a battleship on the grid.

The user has a small window of opportunity to guess the ship’s location and detonate a bomb there.

The game ends after a few wrong guesses.

  1. Library Management System

The library management system project in Python aims to create a real-time library project using Tkinter.

This project offers features like adding books, issuing them, returning them, viewing books, deleting texts, etc.

  1. Keyboard Jump Game

Project Idea: The speed typing game “Keyboard Jump” aids players in increasing their typing speed. In our game, the character won’t jump unless we type the designated word. The game ends when the user makes a few typing mistakes, at which point the typing score is displayed.

  1. COVID-19 Spread Analysis with Python

Among the best python projects would be the Covid-19 spread analysis. The implementation of a real-time dashboard for COVID-19 spread analysis is the goal of this project.

The study of coronavirus dissemination will benefit significantly from the insights provided by this live dashboard.

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